A lil bout me and the pcos.......

on 1/2/12 6:55 pm - NC

Due to PCOS i have male pattern hairgrowth though controlled, its there and i know, that kills the self esteem.  Until now has made losing weight and having a family all but impossible.  Has caused memuch heart break and stress. 

To see it being defeated, with the weightloss and surgery is awesome, granted my weight loss is slow compared to "normal" rny'ers its still coming and staying off.

What are you diet tricks with PCOS?   It impacts my energy, sex drive, mood........sometimes i think i have multiple personalities............due to mood swings...........

on 2/2/12 4:53 am
 I know I have to work harder due to the PCOS..so I'm at the gym twice a day 5 times a week..the exercise improves my energy..I don't have an issue with sex drive but I'm sure it would help in that department too..Once I get to my goal weight my 'reward' is going to be laser hair removal for my chin..my hair growth isn't horrible but its still there and I hate plucking everyday. Best of luck! 
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