The best surgery for PCOS.

on 2/6/15 3:15 am

I have been torn between two surgeries the sleeve and the roux. With having PCOS I feel that the roux would be better with the insulin resistance and to help decrease my chances for more issues later down the road. I told my doctor that for now I will plan to do the sleeve, but I am still considering the roux. I am wondering what helped you to make the choice for either surgery? I have a friend who also have PCOS, but she is doing the sleeve. Please help, thanks!!!!

on 2/6/15 7:27 am

my surgeon said the RnY is the best for PCOS. but each doctor has a different opinion. Ask your surgeon why he wants you to get the sleeve.

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on 2/6/15 7:43 am

Did the surgeon explain why the roux was the best for PCOS? I asked my surgeon which surgery would be best for me. She said it is my choice which surgery I want, but she did say that if I like sweets then the roux would be the best choice.

on 2/9/15 10:30 pm - MA
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My surgeon also recommended RNY for me.  If you get the sleeve you can still eat whatever you want just smaller amounts. Meaning if you make bad choices your blood sugars can still get out of whack. 

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on 2/10/15 7:32 am

Thank you for ur input. I have my pre-op testing this week so hopefully I can talk to my doctor about it. Did you have any issues with ur bs dropping often with the RNY? Did you make metformin after the surgery at all?

on 2/27/15 6:41 pm
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Why would you do one now and later down the road go to the R&Y? My surgeon told me about all three options. The band, the sleeve and the R&Y then asked me what I wanted. Well to me the R&Y is the Cadilac of all. I don't want to have to think of going back in later and doing something different...lot of insurances if they pay for WLS will only pay for 1, I want the one with the chance at the best weight loss and also the one that will be a tool to keep me from eating sweets. Also, I am not a diabetic but it runs in the family as we get older and the R&Y is the better choice for that. I also read on these boards where many people switch over from the bands and sleeves later to the R&Y. Also, they say if you have issues with Heartburn/acid reflux that the sleeve is not good for that.


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on 3/2/15 7:12 am
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I'm not sure any surgery is better then another. PCOS causes weight gain, and restricts our ability to lose weight. PCOS can be 'treated' with weight loss, in any form.

I had RNY and was able to get rid of my PCOS completely.


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on 3/26/15 10:23 am - Orillia, Canada

PCOS is going to be helped with any type of weight loss.  So to me it doesn't really matter which surgery you get.  It is best to lose weight and follow a low carb diet.  I am pre-op still and I have changed my lifestyle around for the past 2 months I have been following a low carb diet and have not only lost weight (28 lbs so far) but also my PCOS is a lot better.