Strange menstrual cycle

on 3/16/15 11:57 am

I had surgery 1/23, I found out the day before that I have a fibroid. The dr. told me that this was the reason that I was having spotting between cycles. I was taken off of metformin and have had a cycle since then. But I am confused about the weight loss and if it will make your cycle change. My cycle is due in about 10 days or so, but today I had some spotting. I don't know if this is due to the weight change or fibroid. Also, I wondered if weight loss will help a fibroid shrink. I don't have any issues with this fibroid like pain. But I have noticed since my children were born, my cycle is so heavy, and last the entire 7 days, when it used to be lighter and last 4 or 5 days. The in-between spotting is annoying at most, but I don't need to use pads or anything. Any thoughts? I am due to go back to the GYN next week to discuss the fibroid issue.

on 3/24/15 2:28 am
RNY on 04/09/15 with

I was going yo to say going to your gyn is your best bet. Depending on they size they might want to remove it or maybe send you for a d&c to clean everything out.

K P.
on 3/31/15 1:13 am
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Ive never had a fibroid or a pregnancy come to term so I dont know how those affect PCOS. However I have had PCOS since puberty (or I guess forever). I had PCOS way before becoming overweight. 

I stopped taking my metformin before surgery. I had a period start 1 day before surgery. Then about a month later another one. They are always heavy and last at minimum 7 days (longest was 64 days) for me. I have to double even triple my iron due to the heaviness of my flow.  I thought I was becoming "normal" after my surgery but it diodnt last. I had one more cycle a month later, then for three months its been nothing. Ive lost almost 130 lbs and am 7ish from hitting a "normal" BMI. Its been 8.5 months since my surgery. 

Its different for everyone. I keep waiting and hoping my PCOS symptoms subside, but only time will tell. 

Best of luck


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