How long does it take after gastric bypass to have menses and hormones regulate?

on 7/3/15 1:45 am

I have a very bad case of PCOS and I also suffer from infertility because of it, not to mention the super heavy menses which have caused me to be anemic. I just had gastric bypass on 4-27 and I was wondering how long it takes for the symptoms of PCOS to clear up? Thank you in advance!


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on 7/7/15 4:04 am

Hum, everyone is so different. My cycle immediately regulated itself, however still had acne 6 months down the line.  Being slight anemic has been forever, I really do not pay too much to that...However, consult Vitalady and take your ADEK's.  

Question, its has anything improved? 

What had helped me, only in a month...but I did something stupid and got back on the pill and to me triggered the abnormal cycle....

I start taking Female Balancer.....and my mood, and acne is much better to none.  I need to take it every single day.

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on 7/7/15 12:38 pm

Thanks for your response! My cycle is about 3 weeks late I'm dreading the gushes of blood with clots...when it does decide to come! ( Sorry if that's too much information! ) What is Vitalady and AKEK's? And also, where would I get female balancer? Thanks again!


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on 7/7/15 8:31 pm, edited 7/7/15 8:32 pm

Amazon, its usually not this expensive. I normally pay around $11.82, not I see its about $15 bucks.  But yes, when you start taking it I read for your case your cycle will immediately come on.  They recommend you not take during cycle, but some people do.  But YES, this should help to regulate your cycle on a monthly basis, plus help with moods.

NOW Foods Female Balance(Tm), 90 Capsules

Check out the reviews.


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on 7/8/15 10:46 am

Thank you!



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on 10/25/15 9:09 pm

Everyone is different... Generally the more weight you loose, the better control you will have with the PCOS,..Probably something in the rang of wtbloss of 90-120 lbs,,,... because some of those hormones are stored in the fat and the fat requires you to need more female hormones. the cysts respond with male hormones...It will not take the cysts, but can stop a large percent of "fat storage hormone"...for lack of better phrase. IF and When you get pregnant , that can affect the cysts and the hormones released by them...and that is a good thing...It can extend your fertility time..

on 11/3/15 6:42 pm
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I not sure but I do know that 6 months in i've got my first period in seven years! ( I've also already lost over 100 pounds)

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