Has anyone had any luck getting approved.

on 9/17/16 4:21 pm

I do not have any co-morbidities. However My BMI is 40.5. I do have PCOS and I have lost my right ovary and fallopian tube. I have BCBS federal employee basic insurance. Per my insurance I need to have a BMI of 40+ for the past two years in order to get approved. I am in the process of appealing, but I was wondering has anyone had luck getting approved or with an appeal just with having PCOS. I have all the symptoms of PCOS including: hirsutism, missing periods, and my prolactin is high. 

on 2/16/17 3:15 pm, edited 3/22/17 4:28 am

Hey everyone I just want to say that I finally got approved for surgery. I choose to do the WLS appeals, and they were completely amazing.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP, keep fighting for what you need and don't give up hope!