Will the Hirsutism Ever Mellow Out?

on 7/19/17 7:15 pm
VSG on 04/20/17

I'm Italian, and I have PCOS. I've come to terms that I'm not going to be hairless. However, what has really really bothered me is the fact that I have so much hair under my chin. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have a lot. I mean THICK, dark hairs, and a lot of them. I can't wax, because it makes me break out super bad, plus it grows so quickly. I have been shaving which I hate because I literally have stubble by the next morning. I have an at-home laser kit I bought from costco but not much luck with that so far, I don't think I'll be able to afford regular laser treatments for a while. I'm fair skinned and it contrasts so much. Plus I just feel extremely masculine with the facial hair. It's really hard to feel good about yourself like this.

Anyways, this is mostly just a rant, but any encouraging words would be amazing.

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on 7/22/17 12:14 pm

Hello.. I to am Italian and suffer from PCOS with Hirsutism. I can not tell you how it effects my day to day.. I am always trying to cover up my chin with cover-up that really doesn't cover the darkness that comes right through. I tweeze every day. Shaving makes me look like a man who just shaved.. At least with tweezing it's a little better but you can still see the dark patches.. I've tried to use red lipstick on the area then setting it in place with powder and then applying my foundation. But I can't ever seem to get it right. Maybe you can experiment with that for yourself, and maybe have better luck. Also there is a foundation called Dermabond that seems to cover pretty good. ( I tried a sample from a friend that had some) Only thing was the color was to light I would need a darker shade. I'm going to buy some with a shade right for me and try. You can check it out on google, and Macy's is supposed to sell it. I'm really hoping it covers, I'm scared it won't because nothing works for me.. But I have to try. I had figured a foundation strong enough to cover tattoos would work... We'll see.. Talk to your doctor to, I think there is a medication to treat this but I have heard some bad side effects soo.. Try to research that maybe... Best of luck to you.. My encouraging words would be to Know that you are not alone in this, and that our outside appearance does not define who we are.

on 8/25/17 7:29 am
VSG on 05/15/18

I also have PCOS, and suffer from hirsutism. I can very much relate to the extreme chin hair. I have to shave mine every morning, and some days (depending upon what I'm doing) I even take an electric razor to it mid-day. Much like you, they're thick and very dark (black).

I have tried at home laser treatments, I even bought the $500 Tria. When the Tria didn't work, I got professional laser treatments. I went through 8 treatments, and to no avail. Afterward, I found out that laser treatments will not work if you have a medical condition which is causing the hair growth. Unfortunately, I have not found anything to stop, or even just slow, the hair growth. Have you noticed it slowing at all as you lose weight? I am really hoping that helps, at least a little bit.

Just know that you aren't alone

on 8/30/17 11:55 am
VSG on 08/10/17

I am fair skinned as well and suffer from PCOS with facial hair. While laser treatment is not permanent for me...it does work. I have to go back every 8 weeks and get it done but it keeps the hair at bay. I found a place that offered a life time guarantee on their laser treatments. So I just keep going back! Also there are some Groupon deals for like 6 treatments for $99. That will get you through a whole year. Cheaper than waxing. It did take at least 2-3 treatments to start to see a difference in the beginning. I just know it will be a life long regimen. I have heard that electrolysis works but I have not tried it.

on 8/31/17 2:53 pm

I don't know if your doc gave you the option of Spironolactone, but I've found it's helped immensely. I've only been on it for just at a month (diagnosed with PCOS 8/1/17, which is when I got the med), but I've gone from being stubbly in 12 hours and 5 o'clock shadowy in 24 hours, to being stubbly in 36-48 and 5 o'clock shadowy in 72. The color has also lightened some.

I've talked to others that have been on it and the "usual" dose for hirsutism is 50-100mg/day and I'm only on 25mg/day.

Basically, I used to need to shave every 2-3 days and now I don't need to shave for ~5-7 (depending on how long I'm okay with letting it grow).

Maritonia R.
on 9/22/17 9:20 am
VSG on 03/28/17

For most, weight loss does nothing for the hirsutism. My BMI is now 23 and my chin is just as hairy as ever. What works for me is at home threading - it is cheap and easy and I learned how by watching youtube videos. You can ask your PCP for spironolactone or vaniqa cream prescriptions.

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on 3/7/18 5:27 am
VSG on 03/01/18

Hi. Well this is an old thread/post but looks like you're still active. I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago & immediately put on Metformin & Spironolactone. I never could take the met due to it made me chronically constipated. The spironolactone helped my massive hair loss though. I didnt suffer from facial hair. Did this WLS help you with PCOS symptoms? Or did it worsen the condition?