Can Metformin and Spirnolactone make it look like it's NOT Peri Menopause?

Jackie P.
on 10/24/17 3:44 pm - Hamilton, Canada

I was wondering if anyone knew whether taking metformin and spirnolactone would make it look like I was not in Peri Menopause on a blood test?

I've been having all sorts of weird things happening. I thought it was peri-menopause but my hormones loo****ould the Metformin and Spirnolactone I'm on for PCOS be swaying the hormones in the test to look balanced?

Surgery Date: April 10, 2013 • VSG

on 10/27/17 5:40 pm

It is certaintly possible. Metformi is one of the drugs that is most effective on PCOS. My daughter is treated with it. There are also herbal things that help to rebalance the hormonal levels and reduce the cysts... A naturopath or holistic practitioner can usually help with a treatment regimine for relief of most of the symptoms. Controlling hormonal ( of all kinds estrogens cortizols, etc..) spikes will help with weight loss.