Introducing myself!

Brandi M.
on 4/4/11 8:51 am - Baltimore, MD
Hi everyone! I'm new to this board, but not to OH. I'm 18 months out from RNY and just got a BFP this past Friday, so naturally I have a millions questions! LOL It's still very early, so I'm trying not to get too excited, but hubby and I tried for 2 years before surgery without luck, so I am super excited. I have calls in to my OB/GYN and my dietician, but I hope you ladies don't mind a bunch of questions before I get through to them! 

My first questions is vitamins. I'm currently taking 2 multis, calcium citrate, B12, folic acid, and iron, but I'm still taking the normal post-op dosages. Do I need to up the dosage of any of my vitamins? I can eat plenty, so I'm not too concerned about being able to eat enough. Right now I just want to be sure I'm getting enough vitamins since I haven't heard back from the dietician yet. 

Thank you and I look forward to "meeting" you all!
Jennifer Q.
on 4/4/11 10:56 am - Newton, NJ
 Welcome & Congrats!! I am sure someone will pop on here and answer your vitamin questions...I am not the one to do that!! :)  This is a great board and there are a lot of great ladies who can give you good advice.  

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Lianne C.
on 4/4/11 11:16 am - Garden City, MI
Congrats and let me say that I was taking everything and only had to up my calcium and my multi vit. I took 2 gummy flintstones 2x's a day. The other ones would make me sick and they seemed to work fine though. Make sure your OB knows a lot about your surgery, there are so many that do not.
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on 4/4/11 11:34 am
 Welcome and congratulations!!!  Sounds like you're pretty much on track for everything!  My surgeon only told me to add a folic acid supplement (800mcg/day) to all of my normal post-op vits.  Good luck to you and see you around!
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Kerri B.
on 4/4/11 12:07 pm
Hey there! Just wanted to say welcome to the board and congrats on your pregnancy!!! I'm still trying to get a grasp on the vitamin scneario, so I'm no help, but you've come to the right place cus some of these ladies really know their stuff ;)

And cheers to a happy and healthy 9 months for you and baby!

on 4/4/11 7:10 pm - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Congratulations to you, you must be soooo excited!!  I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

on 4/4/11 8:12 pm
Congrats and welcome -  I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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Mom to Khaled

(deactivated member)
on 4/4/11 10:56 pm - HI
Welcome.  This is such a great place for support.  Everyone here has been so kind and helpful. 
on 4/5/11 12:02 am - Allegan, MI
Hi, welcome to the board and congrats on your pregnancy!  The vitamins you are taking now sound good for the moment, but you might need to add folic acid.  I would suggest having all your vitamin levels checked and go from there!  Again, congrats!

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