Morning sickness and RNY

Brandi M.
on 4/24/11 5:41 am - Baltimore, MD
I'm about 20 months out from RNY and almost 8 weeks pregnant. I've never once vomited since having wls, but the past couple of weeks I've been getting sudden bouts of nausea which results in dry heaves. Could this be my wacky RNY version of morning sickness? I can only assume it's pregnancy related because I've never experienced anything like it.
on 4/24/11 9:11 am - Atlanta, GA

I get that way too.  Sometimes its just dry heaves and other times its coughing up mucus.  My doctor said its totally related to morning sickness. 


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on 4/25/11 3:12 am - Allegan, MI
Yep pregnancy related.  But FYI, alot of RNY patients can't actually vomit......they dry heave or throw up flim, saliva or clear liquid.  I haven't been able to vomit normal since my surgery over 7 years ago!  Congrats on the pregnancy!

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Brandi M.
on 4/25/11 5:04 am - Baltimore, MD
Thanks, ladies!
on 4/27/11 3:28 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 10/16/08 with

Although I always say that I would have my RNY all over again in a minute if I had to choose again, some days when I am lying on the bathroom floor after excessive dry heaving, I do wish for my old, un altered digestive system. 

I have been a "dumper" since I started on solids after my surgery.  I am a few years out and still dump when I am not following the post-RNY rules.  My non-pregnant self is pleased that my dumping syndrome is still strong 2.5 years out, in fact, I consider it like my own little electric-shock therapy that punishes me when I go astray.  A little sick, but it gets me through the reality of it.

Now my OB and I think that my dumping syndrome and morning sickness are partners in crime. My body is really struggles to take gain weight and taken in enough food without falling into a nausea/dry heaving/need to lie down cycle.  In fact, I have had to stay off work since January because I am such a disaster.  The many meds that I am on (I swear that my baby is going to be born looking like he has been stoned for most of his gestation) do not always help. 

I do vomit a bit - but because an RNY stomach is so small, only a little comes out.  It is very gross and feels a little unproductive.  I didn't start vomitting until my second trimester - it was a fun and exciting addtion to the dry heaving!

Good luck to you.  You are still in your first trimester, so all of your nausea and stuff may pass - I pray that it does.  If not, talk to your OB about effective meds.  I am on Diclectin and Zofran. 


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