Gaining weight already!

Brandi M.
on 4/30/11 6:47 pm - Baltimore, MD
I'm currently 8w6d along and I've already gained 7 lbs! Most of my pants don't button anymore. I was under the assumption that RNY'ers didnt gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. I am eating a little more than normal, but not 7 lbs in 3 weeks worth. Has anyone else blown up this fast?
on 4/30/11 8:43 pm - Lyman, SC
I thought this same thing because my surgeon told me I wouldn't gain as much as a normal pregnant woman, but I started at 150 and am 8 months pregnant and I weigh it's definitely possible to gain a good bit of weight during pregnancy for a RNY'er..I'm praying it all comes off after the baby gets here!
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on 4/30/11 9:35 pm - Sabattus, ME
Yea, it's different for everyone.  I know there are some ladies here who gained quite a bit but have been able to take most of it off pretty quickly after the baby is born.  I have been lucky.  I started at a higher weight (not at goal, only a year out).  I was 251 on my very first appointment and last thursday at my appointment (30 weeks 4 days), I weighed 244.  I was down to 239 but have come back up to 244.  I fluctuate up and down a few pounds.  My doctor was worried about the babies growth so they sent me for an ultrasound to check at 29 weeks.  Baby was measuring 32 weeks and weighed about 4.5 lbs.  So I get another one to measure since he's so big.  

I say that as long as you are eating well and doing what you need to do to have a healthy baby, don't worry to much about how much weight you gain.  Good luck to you!!
Kimberly Z.
on 5/1/11 12:28 am - MACEDONIA, OH
During  the very beginning it can be normal to gain some which is mainly bloating from your body preparing for all the extra blood flow and fluid it needs to maintain your pregnancy. A lot of women have this go away before the bump actually arrives, but it can make your clothes really uncomfortable. I did gain about 45 lbs with my first so it can be possible to gain a good amount of weight after RYN. I didn't lose it all before getting pregnant again due to breastfeeding. I did not experience the normal big weight loss due to breastfeeding. I think this was because I had a somewhat low supply and couldn't restrict my calories at all. Actually I was hungrier breastfeeding then pregnant. Now that I am expecting again I have only gain 20 lbs at almost 31 weeks. SO overall yes it can be normal to not fit in to pants so early so not to stress to much as long as you know you are eating properly! Hope this helps!

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on 5/1/11 2:39 am
Yep, I'm 6 weeks along and have noticed a 5lb gain. I attribute it to the fact that I'm drinking twice as much water was I was and the bloat from it SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKS... I already have one pair of pants I can't button. I'm hopeful that this will steady off and is not a sign of pounds to come, though I keep reminding myself that a healthy weight gain is for the baby and not because I'm overeating. Hopefully this is helpful encouragement!
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on 5/1/11 4:49 am - Allegan, MI
You are definately NOT alone!  With my last pregnancy and this pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight in the beginning.  With my last pregnancy it slowed down towards the middle and then slowly got higher again in the end (gained around 30-35lbs total and was 5-7lbs from pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 weeks check up).....I'm hoping this one will be the same way!  I'm almost 15 weeks along and have gained around 13lbs already.....I'm praying it slows down!  I'm also starting to show this early on, but this is also my 4th baby!

Congrats on your pregnancy and try not to stress to much about the weight gain.....hard to do, but necessary for the baby!

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Lianne C.
on 5/1/11 1:30 pm - Garden City, MI
It seemed that I gained at least 10 lbs a month every time I went in to the OB! I started at 170 and the week before I delivered I was up to 250! I am now down to 215-220, but my baby is already 12 weeks old! I am working a lot harder to take the weight off. the good news is, it IS coming off!
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Brandi M.
on 5/1/11 1:47 pm - Baltimore, MD
Phew! So glad to know it's not just me! I know it's for the best and I keep telling myself that, but it kinda freaked me out. Thanks, ladies!
on 5/2/11 1:27 am - Killeen, TX
I'm actually surprised that I havent gained MORE! I have gained 2 lbs, and I swear I only eat sweets and junk food. The foods I used to eat all turn me off now. Weird, but hey, thats pregnancy for you!  :)
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