NT scan this morning

Brandi M.
on 5/24/11 1:56 am - Baltimore, MD
 I had my NT scan this morning and everything looked great. Baby is measuring 12w3d, HB was 158, and the fluid measured 1.6 cm. It was fantastic getting to see my little bean jumping around and such a relief to see that everything looks perfect. Now I just have to figure out why I'm still apprehensive about going completely public about my pregnancy! 

on 5/24/11 2:55 am
I am glad everything looked great! Your belly will go public for you sooner or later. ^.^ You could just tell family and let everyone else figure it out.

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on 5/24/11 3:01 am - San Jose, CA
Congrats Brandi!  So glad to hear that your scan went very well and that your LO is bouncing around perfectly!  You'll tell your peeps when you're ready.  No rush. :-)
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Lilypie Maternity tickers
on 5/24/11 5:23 am
RNY on 08/16/05 with

Amazing pic!! Glad everything is going well.

I understand your feelings of apprehension. I was so sure that if we told, then it would jinx the whole thing and something would go horribly wrong. We didn't tell anyone until 17 weeks because of my age (37 and this was my first), we had lots of tests and stuff. But--everything turned out just fine and we have the most beautiful and perfect little boy ever was!! (I know every mother thinks that LOL). But, just wanted you to know you're  not alone with those feelings. It'll be okay....

Best wishes!

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