How long to wait after VSG?

on 7/25/11 4:53 am
I am 5 months our and my husband is gon eon training for the Army so we will not be pregnant anytime soon but I am almost done losing my weight.  My doc said to wait 18 months for RNY but since there was not a lot of data on VSG he said just to stick to the 18 months.  Can we try and conceive around 12 months or should I wait until the 18 months?  How long did you wait after your VSG to conceive?
on 7/25/11 5:01 am - Miami, FL
 everyone is gonna tell you wait 18 months. but the truth is 1 yr is plenty as long as your weight has leveled off and you're not still losing rapidly. i'm 11 months out and i'm gonna start trying. i spoke to my surgeon and he said he wanted me to wait longer just to try to lose more weight. but he didn't say there was any medical reason. my weight has leveled off. my gyno said to go ahead and get off the pill and start trying.

of course you're only 5 months out so i wouldn't advise you to try now. and you already said you don't plan on that. because believe everyone that tells you the first 6 months is when you lose the most weight. take advantage of that. but if you can wait 12 months, you should and that would be just fine. depending on whether your weight has leveled out or not. of course consult your doc to make sure health wise its ok but i would say 12 months.


on 7/25/11 5:05 am - Miami, FL
 ps. here's a helpful article

because you don't have the malabsorbtion issue, you don't have to wait 18 months


on 7/25/11 5:07 am
My surgeon and gyno agreed on only having to wait 3 months after VSG.  I know I have received LOTS of backlash over this answer, but this was their consensus. 
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on 7/25/11 10:13 pm, edited 7/25/11 10:14 pm
I was cleared by my surgeon for TTC at 8 months. I was below goal, could consume a more varied diet, and my weight was stabilizing. Plus, my age, a looming deployment and other issues were considered in me being released before the 1 year mark.

I think the big issue is making sure you can consume enough food to support your body and the baby. The growing baby is going to take from you what it needs so our bodies suffer through the pregnancy if we can not consume enough foods. I didn't want to rely on protein drinks and other supplements through a pregnancy.

It took us over 12 months to conceive. 2 chemical pregnancies which were extremely emotionally draining, my husband went through testing, I went through the initial hormone testing, and the doctors were convinced that something was wrong with my system, and told us we'd need medical intervention to conceive.

I was referred to a reproductive endo and had an appt set. Least to say, I popped positive about 3 weeks before my appt with RE. I am now a little over 6 months pregnant. My labs have remained stellar, the baby is growing and thriving, I've gained about 18lbs thus far, and my doctors (I'm high risk for other reasons and NOT vsg so I see 2 different ob's), are elated. Tatum is actually weighing a little heavy. The biggest hurdle thus far is that after discussing the glucose testing, it was determined that me swallowing 75gr of sugar would not give accurate results and I pretty much refused to do the icky glucose test. I'm testing at home four times a day for 2 weeks. Thus far, my numbers have been really great, and other than being a pain in the ass with timing my meals and testing, I can't complain too much.

I honestly can't imagine getting pregnant early out when my capacity was so limited. I can now eat about double the amounts I could 2-4 months out, but still have really great restriction. My starting pregnancy weight was 130lbs, and they told me to expect about 30-35lbs of pregnancy weight gain. As difficult as it is to accept those numbers, and it's very difficult to gain weight (mentally), I'm overjoyed with my pregnancy post-vsg. I have had an easy pregnancy. Zero morning sickness, the fatigue sucked early out, but other than that, my pregnancy has been uneventful thus far. I was 20 months out when I finally conceived.
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on 7/25/11 10:56 pm - Douglassville, PA
I was told 18 months would be ideal, but I got the go ahead at 12 months- my weight was stabilzed and because of my age. Well, at 12 months post-op, had no man and no real prospect of getting PG.  Now at 3 years post-op (plus I am 39.5) and now married we are going at TTC like it's a full time job!!

on 7/26/11 2:43 am - Phoenix, AZ
Just as a warning... you may be super fertile! When I was 5 months out from my VSG I unexpectidely got pregnant. We were using condoms and I'm now carrying twins! Everything is going just fine so far and the doctor isn't worried. But they want me to eat 3000 calories and that's just not happening at this point. I hope once I hit the 2nd trimester I'll be feeling better and not throwing up everything I eat. I think a year is sufficient to wait as long as your eating is fine and the weight loss has tapered off. Good luck!

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on 7/26/11 12:03 pm
At six months out from surgery my weight loss had stabilized (I was just a few lbs away from a normal bmi), my labs were stellar, and I was able to eat a wide variety of healthy foods.  My husband and I decided it was time to go off birth control and let nature do its thing.  About two minutes later I was pregnant, lol.  Neither my ob nor my surgeon have any vsg related concerns with my pregnancy.  I'm just over 6 months pregnant and it has been an easy healthy pregnancy so far.  I would think that 12 months should be fine as long as you're not still losing a lot of weight, your vitamin levels are fine, and you can eat a decent amount.

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on 7/26/11 11:23 pm
Thanks guys!!  I am a little scared about the fertile thing because even overweight I was super fertile.  I have already had 4 pregnancies and 3 healthy babies:)  Well by babies they are 5, 2 and 1.  Anyways thank you guys for your imput!!  We are looking at maybe letting it go right after Christmas. 
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