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on 10/10/11 12:45 am - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Hi all,

just thought I'd share my good news.  I'm in the 18th week now and had an appointment today.  Baby is doing GREAT!!  He (showed his equipment off for us once again!) is measuring 65-75th percentile for size which thrills me!  Lost another pound this week as I've been batling a nasty cold and have NO appetite!  So, that makes for -3 pounds since onset of pregnancy.  I don't worry about the weight at all so long as the little guy is growing well!

I'm hoping he stays on this growth curve, so it'll increase my chances for a successful VBAC.  Lukas (my son) was over the 95th percentile from week 14 on and remained there the whole pregnancy.... so, hopefully this one will stay there as well.  We shall see!

Hope everyone is doing well. 3weeks until the targeted organ screen then another set of fears will be relieved hopefully!

Best wishes to all!!!
on 10/10/11 12:56 am - Allegan, MI
Wow, 18 weeks already! It sounds like this pregnancy is going wonderfully for you! I hope and pray it continues that way for you!
on 10/10/11 1:11 am - Miami, FL
 thats great news!


on 10/10/11 1:12 am - weston, FL
glad all is well... hope your cold resolves soon
Jennifer H.
on 10/10/11 1:42 am - stockton, CA
Im so happy things are going well!Hope you feel better soon!

May my Angles rest in peace.....
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on 10/10/11 8:56 am - Tallahassee, FL
SO glad to hear everything's going well! Feel better!!
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