Those that have had band babies

on 10/14/11 1:55 am, edited 10/14/11 1:57 am - Syracuse, NY
I gave birth to my little girl Avery Amelia on August 26 and she's 7 weeks old today.  So...I didn't have any issues at all with band tightness until maybe close to the very end and it really wasn't that bad.  I never got an unfill or anything.  Right after birth I was fine too.  Now all of a sudden (last 3 weeks maybe) my band has gotten really tight and I'm having trouble getting food down at all times of the day.  No PBing or anything but EVERYTHING gets stuck, including liquid...Its taken me 2 hours to drink a cup of coffee...anyone experience this AFTER giving birth??

4 fills/2 unfills - 4 cc in my 10 cc band
on 10/14/11 3:13 am - Flowery Branch, GA
I didn't, but I only had 3cc when I delivered and started getting filled back up shortly after that.

My "sweet spot" was less than my pre-baby sweet spot, though.

Schedule an unfill ASAP!!!
on 10/14/11 3:50 am - Syracuse, NY
Unfortunately I'm in the middle of transferring my care from an office 2 hours away to here in my city and they told me over the phone their soonest appointment was end of I guess I'm stuck...I was just hoping maybe this was a hormonal thing and would subside...just can't understand why it was fine all through pregnancy!
4 fills/2 unfills - 4 cc in my 10 cc band
on 10/14/11 5:39 am - Halsey, OR
I had to have a complete unfill in the hospital a few hours after my C section. I thnk I retain a ton of water after my C section and it happened pretty quickly. I shouldn't have tried to eat right away, but I was hungry. I too didn't really have any major issues during pregnancy, a little tighter towards the end, but manageable. Unfortunately, I've had issues with my band every since. I can't get it at the right fill level like it was before my first band pregnancy. I've gained weight and it sucks. I hope you don't have all of the same issues I had. I would try to at least get a small unfill, but not a total unfill if you don't need it.
By the way, your baby is ADORABLE!!!!!!
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