Megan H.
on 10/16/11 10:40 am - ROMULUS, MI

Hey everyone,

I am 3 years post RYN as of December 1st 2011.  I am 19 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 (2 since surgery).  This one is different.  The first 3 were identical.  I swear though this past week has been the hardest.  I can't eat, I feel like I have heart burn in my belly when I know that I can't have it.  I am constantly violently vomiting.  The doctor has had me on 3 different things already.  The insurance is being STUPID.  What am I supposed to do with 12 zofran.  I need one a day.  So which days should I take it.  UGH.  I am so tired and can't sleep.  Actually have to take Unisom to help that.  I am tired of throwing up and tired of being sick and tired.  Should I start eating some Tums just to say I have tried everything?  I'm miserable...

on 10/16/11 11:00 am - weston, FL
you CAN have heart burn... i took the max dose of tums EVERYDAY while pregnant with my last daughter... really i could have spit fire.. i would vomit acid... try it.. whats the worst that could happen?... diet coke used to help me with being nausious... which zofran are you taking? i found the one 8 mg sublingual one helped the most and the quickest... altiods helped... what are they saying about the zofran? are they only going to cover 12 a month? or will they only give you 12 at a time? if they will only give you 12 at a time... have your dr call in a refill before you are out... good luck.
Megan H.
on 10/17/11 12:59 pm - ROMULUS, MI

I had no idea that I could have heartburn I didn't think there was acid in my stomach.  Geesh I feel dumb lol.

The insurance will only let me get 12 a month.  I think its stupid because what is that going to do.  I have to pick and choose what days to take it and hope I picked the worst ones lol.

on 10/16/11 11:29 am - Lexington, SC
Hi Mr. Edney, just wanted to say I'm soo sorry you are so sick!!  I really hope you feel better very soon and this passes quickly for you!!

Liz R.
on 10/16/11 9:18 pm - Easton, PA
unfortunately heartburn can and does happen... I had RNY 4 1/2 years ago and when I was pregnant my heartburn started back up and I still get it now (she's 17 months). Try eating little bits of bland things often. It was suggested to me to get oyster crackers. Eat 1 or 2 every few minutes. It worked wonders for me! You can also try peppermint or ginger tea. They will help with the nausea and tummy troubles.

Good luck!
Megan H.
on 10/17/11 1:00 pm - ROMULUS, MI
Thank you so much for the info I will give anything a try.
Jennifer H.
on 10/17/11 1:05 am - stockton, CA
With my son I had heartburn from four weeks tell the day I delivered him.I took one Zaneta and a zofran a day.Will he not give you more then doctor gives me a thirty day supply at a time.Check with him some do it because one pill is close to $30 and some insurance dont cover it maybe thats what he did that.

May my Angles rest in peace.....
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Megan H.
on 10/17/11 1:02 pm - ROMULUS, MI
He gave me 30 with 6 refills but the insurance will only let me have 12 with 1 refill.  GRRRR.  My first 2 pregnancys I had heartburn something awful from day 1 till the day they cut me open and took the babys out.  My 3rd baby was postop and I had some discomfort but I didn't think I could get it so I just kept eating to curb it off.  This one is AWFUL but nothing like it was with the first 2.
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