on 11/10/11 7:56 am
My husband and I would like to start "letting it go" soon.  We already have 3 kids and I am 9 months out from being sleeved but I am at my doctors goal and my labs look good and I stabalized.  My docs gave me the go ahead whenever we want to try however we are getting stationed in California in 4 weeks and I wanna wait until after we move to let it go.  How long did it take after WLS to conceive?  I have always conceived within 2 months of trying so I have never had a problem with getting pregnant.  I am just wondering if I will be more fertile (if that is possible).
on 11/10/11 9:58 pm - FL
I am almost a year out and found out on Halloween that I am pregnant.  Around 6 weeks now.  We were not trying but it happened.  I have read that you become much more fertile after losing the weight.

Good luck!!!!!!
on 11/10/11 10:28 pm - DFW, TX
Got my IUD out in March, waited until May 1st for my short term disability insurance to become effective in case I went on maternity leave in 40 weeks. 40 weeks later I was collecting insurance for my FMLA maternity leave! (glad I paid the insurance premium!) So umm like May 1st I was pregnant. Weight loss tends to make us healthier and hence more fertile.

Where are you stationed at in CA? I grew up in Los Alamitos, a now closed military base. My dad was stationed in Long Beach for most of my childhood.

Good luck!

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on 11/10/11 10:48 pm
My husband will be working at Los Alamitos!!  It is a reservist base but He will be one of the 5 that are active duty working there.  Did you like it?  We should only be there for 3ish years.  I am excited:)
on 11/11/11 10:05 pm
I am apparently a fertile myrtle (as it sounds like is the case with you).  With my first pregnancy I got pregnant as soon as I went off the pill (we were still using other forms of bc even) and with my second pregnancy I got pregnant the day I said "maybe we should just stop birth control and see what happens".  If you're already pretty fertile, I don't see the weight loss being able to change things much.  I was sleeved last August, and at my six month visit, my labs were great, my weight loss had stabilized, and I was very close to a normal BMI, so we decided it was safe to start trying.  I just delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy and had a very easy, uncomplicated pregnancy.  I found that I could definitely eat a bit more while pregnant (I'm hoping this will change now as everyone says it does) and he was a healthy 6.5 lbs, born on his due date (I gained a total of 18 lbs during the pregnancy).  My daughter, pre WLS was  just a few ounces smaller than him and born a full week later, so my sleeve really didn't seem to impact my ability to nourish a growing baby at all, even being only six months out.  Good luck with your move and with TTC!  Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy!

~ Paula
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