Insurance, migraines, pregnancy and getting mad

Megan H.
on 1/9/12 7:59 am - ROMULUS, MI

This is my second baby post op.  I had my open Ryn december 1, 2008.  I followed that up with baby number 3 ( post op baby 1) in June 2010.  I had some issues with migraines and visual disturbances but all in all it was all good.  I figured out on my own that my B12 was messed up and that may have solved alot of my problem.  This time around at 22 weeks I started getting migraines again with really nasty visual disturbances.  I told my doctor about it because one side of my body was going numb and lips too.  I went back to the neurologist and had an EEG done today.  Had the MRI with the last baby so I didn't need it this time.  We are looking for some blood flow issues or something. 

So insurance is being dumb.  I can only get 12 Zofran a month.  I have been vomiting violently from the begining of the pregnancy.  This isn't new.  This is baby 4 and its been the same with all of them.  Insurance will also only give me 9 migraine pills a month.  Now with this said I have tried everything to get more and they won't do it.  So the neurologist writes an rx for Vicodin and promethizine (or something like that) its a anti nausea med.  Insurance had no problem at all giving me 60 vicodin and 120 of the other.  Does anyone else see anything wrong with this????

Makes no sense to me.

Just needed to vent

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on 1/9/12 8:23 pm
Sorry! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
Sara S.
on 1/9/12 9:25 pm
Have you tried a low dose aspirin??? I know I use that. I have migraines as well... I don't have my meds with me to give you a name... but my insurance fills them no questions asked! 

Good luck.

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Megan H.
on 1/9/12 9:30 pm - ROMULUS, MI
I was told we can't take asprine.
on 1/9/12 11:21 pm
UGH!! That sounds like NO FUN at all! I am in Canada so it's a lil different. BUT, for nausea you can use vitamin b6 and Unisom. That is the make up of a med called Diclectin. It is an anti-nausea med. I have taken it for each of my 3 pregnancies, for MONTHS. I know Zofran works wonders, but I would also use the vitamin b6 and Unisom. I am not sure on the dosages, ask your doctors. Diclectin is very expensive($1 a pill sometimes) if you don't have extra coverage( which we dont) so next pregnancy I will use B6 and Unisom myself :)

Pretty lame that insurance had no trouble giving you heavy narcotics....sheesh!

As for the migraines, I wish you luck. I can't help you there. I'm sure it sucks. Hope you feel better quick and that the rest of your pregnancy flies by with NO MORE ISSUES!
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Dev *.
on 1/10/12 3:08 am - Austin, TX
Zofran, even the generic, is very expensive, so insurance companies don't like to cover it. You would likely have to have your MD send in a letter of medical necessity for you to have X amount of pills per month.
Phenergan (promethazine) is quite cheap and so is vicodin, so they'll give you plenty of that. Use the promethazine at night because it will make you sleepy.
I know zofran comes in different dosages, so your doc could also write for the higer dosage and then you can split the pills.

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