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Megan H.
on 1/26/12 1:40 pm - ROMULUS, MI

How many weeks are you?  I Have NO idea.  According to my last menstral cycle I am 35 weeks dead on the nose.  According to my doctors because of my first ultrasound I am only 33 weeks.  To me this is a problem.  Why you might ask.  Well it hasn't sat right at all the entire pregnancy.  If I use my dates everything fits and adds up, if I use theirs I might as well change my name to Mary because there was no conception happening.  I know they have their reasons and this and that but this is my 4th and last child and I really think they are wrong.  Now the reason I am concerned with this is that I have to have a repeat csection.  This will be my 4th c section (2 post op) since 2006.  2 weeks is ALONG time to have a gap in things.  I can't really plan anything andneither can anyone else because if I am right I will be going in for a non scheduled c section 2 weeks ahead of time and people are trying to plan work around this and stuff.  My last 2 c sections were scheduled the day before my due dates and I was in the hospital that night before in labor.  My first baby was late but was an emergency c section.

Other reasons I am concerned:

With my last baby I had to have an MRI and MRA to find out why I would be driving and get a numbness in one hand and part of my face.  I would lose partial vision and get massive debilitating migraines.  This time around I am getting visual disturbances not similar to the last one, numbness with no headache. The migraines and visual disturbances come on within minutes.  I had to go back to the neurologist because of this (started at about 20 weeks) and again was placed on vicodin.  This time around is different.  (I am alergic to codeine and morphine).  I also still have morning sickness all the time and can't control it.  The neurologist gave me vicodine for the pain and an anti nausia medicine to try and help.  I had an EEG because I am having issues with lights and things like that.  I go back for the results in a week or so.  Now my problem is I have been a walking zombie for weeks now.  Its hard trying to keep your house running and having 3 toddlers.  I had to be on unisom to help me sleep with this pregnancy and with my current meds I can't take it.  I have found myself having to take the meds to go to sleep, I have to take the meds again at 8:30 to get rid of the visual disturbance that comes on instantly and then I have to take more in the middle of the day which practically knocks me out.  I am feeling almost like I am becoming dependant on this.  I DO NOT WANT THAT AT ALL.  I don't want that for my baby or myself.  I see a resisdent in the clinic at my local hospital and he is out on a different rotation this month so I have had to see someone else and she is no help at all.  Answers no questions and being her clients have been doubled this month because of him being out she gives you no time.  I have an appointment on Monday but wont get to talk to him for another 2 or 3 weeks.

AND I am still throwing up all the time.  In the car, in the middle of the night, in church, at the store.  I get no reprieve and nothing works.  My iron is low but when I take my regular meds I am even more sick.  I drink water and I am sick I drink anything else and I am sick.  I can't win but I am just out of resources and options.  Has anyone else ever had anything similar to this?

I go see my surgon on the 7th so I will talk to him too but I am just spent! 

on 1/26/12 11:36 pm
RNY on 11/02/10 with
I have no suggestions for you...just wanted to say how very frustrating!!! It sounds like you are trying your best to get answers and take your medication but nothing is working...
Hope you get your answers and some relief soon!
on 1/27/12 6:46 am - weston, FL
how are your labs?... sounds almost like a b vitiman issue.. good luck and feel better
on 1/27/12 7:59 am - Neptune Township, NJ
 Just wanted to offer my little 2 scents on your first issue...I actually have a similar issue as you as I believe I am 1-2 weeks further along than the doctor is saying. I am, by their saying 28 weeks).  I am actually going for a growth scan Monday because the baby has been measuring 1-2 weeks bigger (no surprise to me) and since I need to have a scheduled CSection as well they need a more accurate date since I keep complaing to them about it.  From what the Tech told me tho...if the doctor is using the manual estimated due date pinwheel....that does not take into account that we have a leap year this year.  So appararently adding just 1 day to February actually throws off the due dates by 1-2 weeks.  FYI...my tech and I had the same estimate on due date...its the doctor who is coming up with a different date.  Not sure that I helped you at all but hopefully it can ease your mind a little to know you arent alone with this issue.

Good luck!!

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Megan H.
on 1/27/12 8:19 am - ROMULUS, MI

Thank you for this info this really does help a ton.


They drew labs and flipped about my iron.  So I am getting on that again.  It makes me sick.  I think with the last baby it was all my B12 but they never checked it.  So I have been aiming to be really good with that too because this is just too much.


Thank you ladies for taking the time to read this and give me some input.  It means alot

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