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on 2/4/12 2:00 am
So I am about 7 weeks pregnant with our 4th child.  First one after VSG.  I am a year out and was cleared by my doctors to get pregnant so all is good.  Here is why I am nervous....I am able to eat.  A lot.  I have noticed I can eat a ton more then normal.  I have not gained any weight yet although sadly being my 4th kid I am already showing and look fatter:(  I have not been excersizing since my energy is zapped and I have a 5, 3 and 1 year old to chase.  The biggest thing I am scared about is gaining weight through my pregnancy because my restriction sucks right now.  Did anybody have this happen and did it go back to being restricted after you had the baby?  How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?  I want a healthy baby and I am really happy I can get normal calories in so I am really not worried about that.  Also was anybody able to breastfeed?  I would be sad if I could not breastfeed this baby.  Thanks.  Also pray it is a boy!!  Lol.  We have 2 girls and 1 boy and I would be a little scared to have another girl....they are so emotional!!!  Lol.

on 2/4/12 2:23 am
I got pregnant 6 months after my sleeve surgery.  I was able to eat quite a bit more when I got pregnant, and I was never quite sure how much of that was due to being pregnant vs from being further out from surgery.  Since the baby was born (three months ago) I've noticed my restriction increasing.  I am exclusively breastfeeding and have had absolutely no issues with supply.  During my pregnancy I gained about 18 pounds and I'm currently five pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight (I'm hoping to lose another 12).   Overall, the pregnancy was very easy and uneventful.  Good luck and congratulations!

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on 2/5/12 12:52 am
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Wish I had some advice for you... I have the opposite problem but I had RNY, can hardly eat at all. I hope things even out for you and I encourage you to make healthy and wise choices restricted or not. Good luck!
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on 2/5/12 8:37 am
I experienced the same thing with my restriction mainly in the last trimester. My hunger returned as well. BUT, the best thing in the world is that my restriction returned to normal, and my hunger left again. If I stuck with meat, cheese, eggs, I still had restriction. But, slider foods were especially easy for me to eat during the last trimester. I didn't exercise at all through my entire pregnancy even though I remained extremely active until the day I went into labor.

I gained a whopping 35lbs in the pregnancy which is exactly what the doctors advised me that I would probably gain. I lost 23lbs super fast post-deliver. Breastfed for a little over 4 weeks, but Tatum is lactose and protein intolerant so she was put on Similac Alimentum formula and started thriving again. It wasn't really my milk being the issue, it was her system just can't process the proteins or lactose. My supply was fine, she latched perfectly, unfortunately, she was puking and pooping excessively while nursing and lost 7oz in one week. So, I had to stop breastfeeding.

At this time, 3 months post-delivery, I have 11-12lbs hanging on from my "baby weight". I'm not trying to lose it. I haven't gone back to low carbing or cutting any specific foods. I will at some point. I have every intention to get back to my pre-baby weight and size, but I'm not killing myself to do it.
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