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Jennifer H.
on 2/28/12 10:45 am - Sudbury, Canada
I'm almost 2 years post-op and just found out I'm pregnant! First time after surgery, third time in life. I have a bunchof questions like...

Did they still make you do the Glucose tolerance test with an RNY?

Do you have to take maternity vitamins AND regular supplements?

Anyone have a hernia and then a pregnancy? How did your mesh hold up?

and so forth

loving this pregnancy at a healthier weight

HW 441, SW 401, GW 200 B Positive. It's not just my blood type.        
on 2/28/12 11:38 am
Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope everything goes great!! 

I had the RNY and my ob didn't make me take the glucose test I done a fasting test where I didn't eat or drink anything bu****er the night before they done blood work.  As far as the vitamins went I took 3 flintstones chewables a day and a coromega packet and all my levels were perfect, my surgeon and ob was afraid to switch me to a prenatal because it may have made me sick.  I didn't have to see a high risk ob because of my  RNY. Hope this little bit helps but everybody is different so yours goes smoothly!!!
on 2/28/12 8:59 pm
Congratulations! That's great news.

I didn't take the Glucose Tolerance test. I did an A1C and the one where you fast, draw your blood in the morning, go eat breakfast and then get your blood drawn again 2 hours after breakfast (sorry I can't remember what the test is called). It is my understanding that, even if the glucose drink wouldn't make you sick, it wouldn't give you an accurate reading anyway. But you may have to push your doctor on this because a lot of them have no idea how to treat a post WLS patient. There are some ladies on here who did the glucose test, but I know it would make me so sick so I aked not to have it at all.

Talk to your surgeon (or dietician) about the appropriate vitamins to take. Everyone's surgeon seems to say something different and it may be based on where your vit levels are at now. I would say that you should at least start taking a folic acid now since you are early in your pregnancy.

Sorry, I haven't had a hernia so I can't answer that one for you.

I wish you very well in your pregnancy! I hope it goes very smoothly for you!

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(deactivated member)
on 2/28/12 9:36 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I don't have RNY - I have a modified DS - but I still declined the glucose tolerance test. Since I had type 2 diabetes prior to my surgery, I just got a prescription for some more test strips, and I monitor my own glucose levels at home.

I never switched to prenatal vitamins. I did some reading up on them and discovered that the primary differences between prenatals and regular multivitamins was simply that the prenatals had more calium, iron, and folate. Well, I compared my multi to a prenatal at the store, and MINE had more folate! And I take iron and calcium separately anyway, so no need to have more of either in my multi/prenatal (not to mention it's stupid to increase both in the prenatals since your body can't absorb both calcium and iron at the same time, so the iron in the prenatal is likely mostly wasted). I did add a separate DHA supplement when I found out I was pregnant, but that's all I added to my normal supplement routine. Of course, have a comprehensive set of labs run to get a baseline and see where you may need to adjust. I had previously been taking a separate vitamin A supplement and needed to drop it.

I've never had a hernia, so can't help you there.
on 2/29/12 12:56 am - KY
First off congrats!!!   I have had 3 boys since I had my surgery and I never took the glucose test.  I just tested my blood 3 times a day for a month because I can't handle sugar at all.  I had a hernia repair in 06 and started having babies in 07.  The mesh didn't bother me at all.  I don't know if it was because of the mesh or just my body but with all three boys I never looked more than 3 or 4 months pregnant.  I had people ask me if I lost them because I never got big.  I had some ask how far along I was and at that point I was going in within the next few days to have a c section.  They were totally shocked because I looked like I was only 3 months. lol  Good luck.
Jennifer H.
on 2/29/12 12:41 pm - Sudbury, Canada
Thanks everyone, really great input.

How did everyone do when it came to morning sickness? Both my other pregnancies were pre-surgery and when I was sick, mostly it was bile that came up. Now that my pouch doesn't connect to my gall bladder.. do you have the heaves but nothing produced? 

And what about heart burn? I had wicked heart burn with my second (stubborn kid was breech and his big head was torture in my stomach) but I'm thinking I won't have that either...

knock on wood

HW 441, SW 401, GW 200 B Positive. It's not just my blood type.        
(deactivated member)
on 2/29/12 9:32 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I'm 36 weeks along and haven't had any morning sickness or heartburn at all. Each woman and each pregnancy is different, so no one can tell you how yours will be!
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