March 6th!

Megan H.
on 3/4/12 7:54 am - ROMULUS, MI

I am going in to have my 4th and final c-section at 10am on March 6th.  It will be my second post op from RYN surgery in Dec 08.  We finally will have our little girl (which scares me to death)  My boys are 5, 3 and almost 2.  This pregnancy by far has been the worst but its almost over.  I am trying to relax and take it easy until the 6th because I don't want to go into labor early because the 6th is the perfect day.  They have all the specialists that might possibly be needed that day laying in wait.  I have a ton of scar tissue and I had a couple complications with my last one so they are thinking I may need a hysterectomy.  So we shall see.  I don't care what they have to take out or do as long as they wake me up and I can be here for my babies.

Have a great week everyone!

on 3/4/12 8:38 am, edited 3/4/12 8:38 am - Canada
Good luck!
on 3/4/12 8:44 am - Topeka, KS
 Good luck! Hope everything goes well! :)
on 3/4/12 9:11 pm - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Praying all goes well for you tomorrow!!!!!!!
on 3/4/12 11:18 pm - Skowhegan, ME
 Good luck !! Will be thinking of your family Tommrrow as it the Big Day to meet the little one !!!!
on 3/5/12 12:08 am - Halsey, OR
I hope everything goes perfect!!!
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on 3/5/12 12:27 am
Good luck tomorrow!! 
on 3/5/12 8:24 am - Tallahassee, FL
Good luck! Hope everything goes well and you're on your way to healing and holding your lil one!!
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on 3/5/12 9:05 pm - York, PA
Good Luck!! 
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