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on 3/30/12 1:27 am - Harpers Ferry, WV
 I'm sure this has been discussed before but I'm new to the board. I had my Mirena removed in February and we are planning for a fall pregnancy. I over plan, it's my thing. 
I've got my vitamins figured out (and will have labs done again before we start actively trying to see if/where supplementation is needed in my regimen), but my question is protein shakes. I love them (yes, I'm weird), and there is all this debate on sweeteners during pregnancy, so i was wondering what shakes you guys used during your pregnancy and/or what you were told was safe. Right now I'm a Syntrax Matrix girl (mint cookie!!) and it's got sucralose and asculfame K for sweeteners, anyone use those during pregnancy? also how many shakes a day did you use? i don't replace meals with them (except sometimes breakfast) just use them for taste and the protein.
any advice would be greatly appreciated

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on 3/30/12 6:59 am
I unfortunately don't have a ton of advice for you, but I just thought I'd mention some thoughts I had. I'm just over 8 weeks and had my first pre-natal appt yesterday. Obviously concerns about being post-WLS were discusses, and my doctor was very good about saying they'll just monitor me more closely, check certain vit levals and such, and she said to just keep eating as I normally would. I don't normally use protein drinks, but I drink a lot of Crystal Light (aspartame) and she said that's fine. The What To Expect When You're Expecting book said the same--artificial sweeteners aren't necessarily harmful. Just don't overdo it, I guess.

Anyway, not sure if that's helpful, but just wanted to chime in so you got at least one outside perspective :) Good luck to you!

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