15 months out and 22 weeks pregnant:)

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I am 15 months out now.  I was 280 at my heaviest.  199 going into surgery and 136 when I found I was pregnant.  This is my 5th pregnancy and my 4th child.  We are really excited and yes he was planned.  Probably the most planned out of all my kids.  So far I have been able to eat a lot more then I would like to.  I am at 160 right now which is freaking me out a lot since I am only 22 weeks.  I am back on protein shakes and eating lots of protein and have lost a couple pounds pretty easily.  I however still wear an XS in maternity shirts and my size 5 pants with a belly band although I have been sticking more with skirts and dresses since they are more comfortable right now.  All my maternity clothes are from my previous pregnancies in which I was an XL so they obviously do not fit at all and we are not sure if we will have more kids since I am almost 30 so I really do not want to spend money on a ton of maternity clothes.  Not that 30 is old but we figured since we already have 3 and another on the way we may want to stop soon.  I know 5 is my limit.  Lol.  I am getting worn out:)  So did you guys lose weight pretty easily afterwards?  Did you gain weight this quickly?  I know being my 4th he is way out there already and I am huge already too.  I am putting my latest pic in so hopefully it shows. Already tagged
on 5/20/12 9:46 am
If you click on already tagged it will take you to the pic I think.
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