Gestational Diabetes Testing Options

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Happy Memorial Day Ladies!
I'm currently 23.5 weeks preggo with my 1st child. I'm 7yrs post op and is very excited to start my new life with my LO. Soon I will have to get tested for gestational diabetes; I know I can't take the standard diabetes testing because of surgery. 
 Therefore mommies: How did you test for gestational diabetes? I want to know my options when I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.

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Sherry-Lynn L.
on 5/28/12 8:05 pm - Barrie, Canada
I cannot tolerate high sugar due to my rny so my ob just does random fasting blood glucose draws.  So far so good!!!


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on 5/29/12 1:34 am - Woodbridge, VA
I tested my own glucose levels at home with a glucometer. I tested some fasting levels (first thing in the morning before eating/drinking) and some 1- and 2-hour post-meal values after normal meals. Even though I had type 2 diabetes before my surgery, I did not develop gestational diabetes  :)
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I'm the same way... dumpity dump dump on a lot of sugar.  So I couldn't do the regular test.  My OB had an A1C drawn.  But that is not fully conclusive as it will show the trending for the past 3 months (primarily the past 6 wks, but technically the past 3 months.)  My doctor also took my random blood sugar and that was normal.  She checks for sugar in my urine every time I come in for my checkups.  My sugar levels have been really good.   So I don't have to do blood draws to check my sugar levels - just the urinalysis that we do at every OB checkup anyway.  If my #'s on those wk 26 labs were higher, then she would have sent me home with a glucometer for checking my sugar levels throughout the day for a couple of weeks.

Hope that helps and good luck to you!  And if for some chance you do get diagnosed with GD... don't panic!  It's totally ok and can be managed with a special diet and possibly medication.  But it's totally manageable and very common. 
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on 5/29/12 2:45 pm
I did the at home testing with a glucometer as well. 4 pokes a day, fasting then 3 readings after my biggest meals of the day. Did it for 2 solid weeks. Even though I do not dump, I refused to do the standard glucose tolerance test.
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on 6/6/12 5:50 am - Philadelphia, PA
 Thanks Ladies!
 I have a doctor's appt on Monday and I will talk to him about my options and what you ladies have done.

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