I'm Ready, My Body Disagrees...

on 11/21/12 2:01 am - Harpers Ferry, WV

Hi everyone! I’m 28 months out from RNY, I hit my goal in 9 months and have been biding my time to make sure all was well and stable before we started trying for our second child. We started back in September, have been using ovulation tests and “practicing” regularly, but there’s nothing. I know we haven’t been at it for long, but I can’t help but we a little bummed. When I got pregnant the first time it was an accident, it was the second time we’d been together and gotten carried away and then oops, 3 positive pregnancy tests later confirmed our little surprise. He’ll be 4 in February.

Not only did I get pregnant without trying with him, but I was obese, I was horribly diabetic, and I didn’t take very good care of myself and yet: baby!

So why are we having trouble this time around? I’m exceptionally healthy, everything is where it should be nutrition and vitamin-wise, I exercise… am I just expecting too much?

So, I’m a little frustrated, especially since I get symptoms the day after I ovulate until 2 days after my period starts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS I'm still with the same guy, we're married now instead of in the early stages of dating

 7/18/10: 211lbs, 10/16/10: 174 lbs, 1/21/11: 146 lbs, 4/20/11: 131 lbs. Insulin FREE since 7/2010, "normal" BMI since 12/2010. I'm 31, 5'5", happily married, with a fabulous 3 year old boy, and hope to add to our family in the near future       

on 11/26/12 3:10 am - Cincinnati, OH
You probably need to reach out to a reproductive endocrinologist. We had just had our first consult when we got pregnant, but they can do a lot of investigating with just some preliminary blood work.

Big hugs to you. We endured 12 losses before this *so far* sticky pregnancy, so I understand the desire with no results.

Gina :~)
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