Team Blue :)

on 2/13/13 7:38 pm - Hartford, CT

As suspected, tis a little boy, a healthy critter and a day ahead of schedule development-wise. The one down side is that during the ultrasound they've discovered that I've got marginal placenta previa. However, since it developed in the 2nd trimester, my docs expect that it will take care of itself and that I won't end up on bed rest. I certainly hope not. I'd like to finish my school semester. :( They have me going back in a few weeks to keep an eye on it.

Liz A.
on 2/14/13 6:09 am - OH
That's wonderful! And I'm sure everything will be fine! Happy valentines day!
on 2/14/13 12:02 pm - Levittown, NY

Yay team blue!! I hope that it does take care of itself so you won't have to go on bedrest. I've been on bedrest since Dec. 5th and I am DONE D-O-N-E I can NOT wait to be over with this pregnancy!!!! . . .lol!

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