Levemir/Gestational Diabetes

on 5/14/13 10:45 pm - Hartford, CT

has anyone else that has experienced gestational diabetes had to go on the insulin pens? just curious because i tried to control my blood sugars with diet and glyburide, but numbers would not stay stay constant. at least one meal would be messed up and too high. plus, i couldn't eat any starchy carbs at all without my blood sugars skyrocketing which made the doctors unhappy. they insisted i should be able to a small potato without my body going into meltdown. so my doctors started me on the insulin pens yesterday. not thrilled to see the pens are a cat C medication and not thrilled to see in the print on the handout that it's not known if taking this stuff can harm the baby  :(  just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this?

on 5/15/13 1:53 pm - San Francisco, CA

I was on Levimir and Novolog. I am extremely carb sensitive. I didn't have any problems on the pen. My water broke at 36 weeks and my baby was 6.2. She had to stay in the nursery and be fed a bottle because her blood sugar was low. Other than that no other complications from the meds or diabetes. She is 3 months old now and healthy! It sucks but what else can you do? Take care and congratulations on your pregnancy.


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