34 weeks, pain on right side stomach, possible scar tissue?

on 5/24/13 9:56 pm - Rockland, Maine
Hi there, I'm four years postoperative with Rny done laproscopically, I've since had my gall bladder removed as well through my old scars about two years ago. I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and am having right side rib area pain and it gets worse after eating, I'm wondering if othersnhave experienced this, or have thoughts, my thought was that space is limited and maybe my scar tissue, stomach etc is getting aggravated. I can't go to my surgeon or follownup with my gbs centre except through email as we are currently living abroad in Australia, I would appreciate any feedback, experiences or thoughts. Thanks
T. Deeds
on 5/25/13 12:22 am
Could be an adhesion. The maternal fetal medicine specialist warned me that problems with adhesions are a possible complication during pregnancy for RNY patients.


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