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on 6/14/13 11:51 pm - Hartford, CT

This is a silly question and also probably a bit late to be asking I guess (I'm almost 37 weeks), but what does one seriously bring to the hospital when having a baby? When we had our birthing classes, we were told to not bring anything you didn't want wrecked because the hospital provides disposable undies and johnnys etc. Well, if that's the case, that leaves me lip moisturizer and a toothbrush. Any help from with what our more experienced mothers have brought? This is my first birth and I have no clue what I'm supposed to bring because I don't want my pjs and my undies destroyed. :(

on 6/15/13 9:32 am
Ur going to want to bring ur own clothing. Usually the first day after delivery is the worse. All my babies were born in evening so slept in hospital garb. I usually ended up shorwering during the night and the next morning showered
Again I would put on my stuff so I felt more comfortable after that shower as u will have visitors and such. If ur nervous about ruining stuff bring what I call the "period panties" (not ur favorite) some older jammies. U will want slippers hair ties ur own body wash and shampoo (most hospitals only have baby shampoo) oh and lotion. If ur going to nurse the baby don't forget the nursing bra.
Good luck
Lianne C.
on 6/15/13 12:06 pm - Garden City, MI
If you are picky, make sure you bring all of your own toiletries! I just spent over a day in L&D and the worst thing was showering with bar soap! That and I would have loved my own shampoo, and moisturizer! Socks, clothing... Make sure your bottoms are very dark, most likely black! I prefer yoga pants or sweat pants! A good loose shirt, and nursing bra if you plan on nursing, if not sports bras are a good idea! Slippers, robe (even in the summer hospitals are cold. And yes, bring your Chapstick!
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on 6/15/13 11:03 pm - Hartford, CT

i haven't found a good nursing bra yet that i haven't freaked out over the price on. $70 for a bra seems excessive =(

Alice P.
on 6/16/13 10:09 am

I got mine at Kohls on sale for around $22 each.

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on 6/17/13 1:47 am
I didnt spend that much on a bra. Target sells some good one and wal mart sells some too that are very comfy. I prefer wireless when nursing but like underwire when not. They are cheap enough to get both (sleeping and work) and besure to try on as ur size will be different. infactu might want wwireless untill milk comes in as they stretch more lol

Alice P.
on 6/16/13 10:08 am

My preference for nursing in the hospital was nursing cami's target sells them, but I got mine online at walmart for cheaper.  They are more comfortable to sleep in and only your breast is exposed when nursing it keeps your belly covered which I liked when everyone and his brother walks into your hospital room.

I also brought my own pj's--well maternity tops and pj pants/yoga pants.  I had a c-section and was in the hospital for 5 days--i stayed in the hospital gown the day of delivery but as soon as could shower wore my own clothes.  I did wear the hospital undies that you just throw out.  You also will probably want slippers or flip flops.  And tolietries. 

I also was glad I had packed a special blanket--when the photographer came in we used it for a lot of the pictures.

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on 6/16/13 12:58 pm - Hartford, CT

yeah still trying to find the tank cami's. walmart was sold out. hoping i can get them before baby Ian arrives :)

Rebecca S.
on 6/16/13 9:57 pm - Platteville, WI
RNY on 12/14/04 with

If worst comes to worst and you need a nursing cami and can't find one to buy...you could get a regular tank and turn it into a nursing one! Even if you can't sew it isn't to hard to do.  If you have a nursing bra you hook the loop onto the bra hook if not I used snaps (or button to hook over the loop you made).  I have seen some tutorials on Pinterest also...might be worth checking out!  If you don't sew at all...do you know anyone that does?  It really is super easy to do yourself though!  Good Luck!  :)

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Alice P.
on 6/17/13 4:17 am

My walmart doesn't carry them, I ordered them online and they came pretty quickly--I ordered a bunch and returned the ones I didn't like as well

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