Fallen off track.

on 6/8/16 4:18 pm

So I am 38 weeks pregnant! Two more weeks til D Day! So I've fallen pretty hard, up about 20lbs; in the beginning was easy to stay on track, then I got hungry. too hungry. I'm worried I've ruined everything. I want to start getting back on track, like now. I kept blaming it all on being pregnant, now I worry I've stretched my stomach, and have fallen back into my big girl ways of eating. Will it get better? Can I fix this? Am I doomed? I'm truly scared, that I've just lost it all. & on top of that, do I even know how to get back on track? (I got pregnant 9 months post-op)

on 6/13/16 6:08 pm
RNY on 02/19/15

Ummm...you're pregnant, aren't you supposed to gain weight? My baby is six weeks old and I'm about 2 lbs above where I was when I got pg. I lost 5 lbs in the first trimester, then gained about 28 lbs over the pregnancy. I was six months out from RNY when I got pregnant. I didn't make a special effort to gain or lose weight, did eat more carbs than while losing, did not eat pints of ice cream, etc. I just tried to listen to my body and give it what it wanted. 


Height: 6'0" HW 5/2013 295. Consult 7/29/14 275. SW 261. RNY 2/19/15. M1:-33! M2:-13.5. M3:-12. M4:-10.8. M5:-9.7. M6:-5. M7: -4.5. Pregnant 8/15-5/16. 10 weeks post partum: 173.

on 10/25/16 10:28 pm
VSG on 03/10/14

I have a 2 month old baby and went from a weight of 152 to 214 (the day I was admitted into the hospital to have her). I'm now at 182. I didn't exercise when I was pregnant and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I breastfeed (still don't workout), and I have pretty much the same sense of fullness when I eat as I did before. I know if I commit myself to sticking to my diet and incorporate exercise I'll be back at where I was. I was very worried while pregnant that I ruined my sleeve! You just have to really want it so you'll stick with your plan. I know when I feel like I should lose weight but my whole heart isn't in it I don't lose weight

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