Sleeve stretching during pregnancy?

on 9/19/16 9:03 am

So this is a long story, bear with me


I found out I have a cyst on my sacroiliac joint that is causing my a lot of pain. I can hardly sit at all. My ortho says I need surgery BUT he suggested I wait until after I have children to have the surgery. He says this is because the act of child birth will essentially ruin any join fusing that takes place. 

I am only 8 months post-op, and I was told I was supposed to wait 18 months. I am having this conundrum. Try to get pregnant now? or still wait and live in pain? I want to have 2 children, which means I will be in this pain for a minimum of 2.5 years. I dont know if I can do that. 

I also am afraid to get pregnant and ruin my sleeve. I am still about 40 pounds more than I want to be, and i fear that if I get pregnant now, I will never reach my goal. 

So here is my question to you all. Is it possible to still lose weight after pregnancy with your sleeve? or does a pregnancy stretch out your sleeve and basically ruin everything the surgery did? 


Thank you!

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on 9/20/16 7:24 am - Miami, FL

first of all DON'T WAIT!! don't live in pain. people told me to wait till i was done having kids to have my tummy tuck **** that. i removed 15lbs of skin and fat and can now live a normal life!! i would have been MISERABLE had i waited. there are some thing to wait for, like if you're really not ready, but not because of the chance of this or that. life is too short to be unhappy. go after what you want!!

pregnancy DOES NOT ruin everything!!! please. i gained about 30lbs with my son. not too much. and lost it after childbirth. then the first year is when i put on weight. because i was so stressed out and overwhelmed i wasn't taking care of myself. but i never get anywhere even CLOSE to where i used to be before surgery!! it took me till my son was 1yrs old to get my **** together and focus on my health. and yeah its never ever gonna come off like it did the first 6 months after surgery. why? do you know why we lose weight so fast with WLS? because we go on a liquid diet for 1-2 months and then our portions are tiny so of course there's gonna be a drastic weight loss. but once things even out, you'll never lose that fast again. that doesn't mean you can't lose weight? you just have to do it like everyone else. diet and exercise. weight loss surgery is for people who need serious help to get to a normal weight so that THEY can then get a hold of their own health. 

it took me a year of trying different workouts and different ways of eating till i found what worked best for me. i lost weight slowly. very slowly. but i lost it!! so please don't WAIT because of that. pregnancy doesn't NOT ruin your sleeve!!! it might stretch a little because you will have to eat more but the sleeve will always be a sleeve unless YOU abuse it. anyone can stretch out their new stomach. by abusing it. by eating huge portions. just try to not go crazy during pregnancy. watch your portions. watch your sweets, etc. you'll be fine! you have a tool that will help you, forever. if you ever feel like your pouch is stretching, do a pouch test to shrink it back down. i've done it plenty of times. i'm 6 years out, post pregnancy and TTC again and my pouch still works i assure you! :)


hope this puts your mind at ease :)


on 9/29/16 3:17 pm

Hi , it's different for everyone. I got pregnant after 3 years post op sleeve and tummy tuck. My daughter just turned 2 and still I'm struggling to lose this baby weight!!! It's so frustrating but make sure you stay within your ob guidelines with diet and nutrition. For me I gained too much being I was high risk and bed rest for 4 months of my pregnancy, I didn't care about weight all I wanted was a healthy baby. 

Good luck to you

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