Post Preganancy Weight Gain

on 11/18/19 1:00 pm - Minneapolis, MN
VSG on 12/05/16

Hello All,

I am new here. I had VSG Dec 2016 had lost over 100lbs. Then exactly 18months post op. found out I was pregnant.... with TWINS!!!! I had sever edema gained about 40lbs, soon after birth and the fluid going down I was super svelte. The issue was that while pregnant nothing really stayed down except my one skinny latte and cereal, so after birth I was starving, all a sudden I could eat things I couldn't before or during pregnancy. I wasn't eating much but began to gain weight.

I have now gained half the weight I lost! I do not know what to do. I was wondering if the pregnancy changed something. I do not know what to do? have I lost the benefits of the sleeve? how do I get back!?

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