Thinning hair...

on 5/4/11 10:46 pm - Tiffin, OH
VSG on 12/18/13
I had my lap band surgery on December 28th and at my last weigh in on APril 6th, I had lost 44 lbs. It's been a wonderful experience and I have followed my new lifestyle to a "T". I am sure to get my protein in, water in, exercise and it's just been a blessing!

The only downfall is that I didn't start out with thick hair..but my hair has really thinned. I take a multivitamin daily as we are supposed to. I am feeling great but hate the thought of every day in the shower the amount of hair I lose. I have read this is normal and at my last appointment talked with the dr. about it. I go back on May 11th for another fill. (I have had 2 fills and have 8cc's now).

Any one else out there experience this? Any home remedies to help with this? I've heard that a tablespoon of good quality extra virgin olive oil helps thicken hair. Just wondering if you guys have dealt with this too.

Thanks for your insight-greatly appreciated!



on 5/5/11 2:09 pm - Vancouver, WA
Yes this is fairly common and unfortunately there really isn't much you can do for it. Some folks swear by biotin but really all that is guaranteed to work is time. This is from the shock to the system from the surgery and anesthetic so it just takes time to work itself out.
Josie D
on 5/6/11 7:42 am
When did you notice your hair thinning?  I was banded on March 9 and have not noticed a big difference yet.
Amy B.
on 5/8/11 2:32 am
 I'm told this happens more often with the bypass surgery, but was told by my doctor that if I was worried about it, I could start using Rogaine.
on 5/8/11 4:16 am - Tiffin, OH
VSG on 12/18/13
Thanks for the replies. I noticed my hair thinning the most about 2 months or so out from surgery. Tho, my hair has never been long, lush and thick (lol). But...I can tell a difference now. I might look into the Rogaine. And it's just thinning..no missing patches or anything. THAT would scare me!
Tom C.
on 5/9/11 2:31 am - Mount Arlington, NJ
Thinning hair is quite common, and usually comes back after 6 - 8 months. Some folks swear by Biotin to help stop/slow/reverse hair loss. Since I am bald, I wouldn't know.
Good Luck on your Journey !!


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