on 1/31/13 3:26 am
I have the lap-band approximately 5 years ago and have since gotten married got off track and gained all my wieght back. It has been about 4 years since I have had a fill. My questions is can i still see my surgeon to get fills and get back on the program?
Stephanie M.
on 2/5/13 9:36 am

I think you can...just call, make an appointment.  I'm sure they can help you.  In the future, you might want to post on the Lapband board, cause this one gets almost no activity.


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Kim H.
on 2/26/13 9:38 am - Duluth, MN
I would call your surgeon's office. They should know what to tell you. I wish I had an answer to why there is hardly any activity on this board anymore...there used to be lots..I miss it!


on 2/27/13 12:09 pm - Earlsboro, OK

I agree with everyone else, just call them. They will probably make you come in for a consult, and not just a fill. But I am sure they will still see you.

Megan (228 HW/185 current/125 goal)

on 5/6/13 5:15 am - Morgantown, WV

Wow, my surgeon requires annual follow ups. I will be five years post surgery in Sept. and I just had a fill last Friday. I still see my surgeon 2-3 times per year but I am closely monitored because I have had 2 major complications. They can definitely give you a fill but they might want to do testing or xrays to make sure nothing else is wrong first (think band migration) or as in my case, hypothyroidism.

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