Band Out!

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on 4/3/13 7:24 am
Crosspost: Hiatal Hernia repair & Realize band placed: 4/26/10, Hiatal Hernia Repair 4/12/12, tiny Hernia repair & lap band removal 3/28/13. I only did well with my band for the first 4 months. I loved those 4 months. When pool season ended, my bariatric surgeon gave me an additional fill. Those 7 1/2 ccs got tighter until I could not swallow my saliva. Although the fluid was removed the next day, my journey into esophageal dysfunction began. I had over 11 fills/unfills before switching surgeons because I was not being heard. This lead to last years hiatal hernia repair. Again, my esophagus failed to recover. Almost 3 weeks ago, I caught a stomach virus & my vomiting never stopped. I even ended up in ED with positive blood in my vomitus. A scope revealed a highly irritated esophagus with ulcerations. Surgery revealed a very tight band.

I am not a candidate for gastric sleeve. I am considering bypass. Right now I believe my esophagus is not back to normal. I am angry that I had faith in the first surgeon who only wanted me to be able to eat 2 bites & be full. I now know that meant: bite 3 & you will vomit.

So I will be withdrawing from the list & wish you all the best.
on 5/6/13 5:10 am - Morgantown, WV

I am sorry you had such a horrible experience with the band. I think your doctor jumped the gun with 7.5 ccs or maybe the band was too tight at installing surgery. At any rate, good luck with your future plans and your health.

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