Is anyone happy with the band?

on 11/19/13 7:33 pm

I am new and deciding between band or sleeve.  I am 3 months into a six month diet and hear nothing  but negative about the band.  I was just wondering if anyone is happy with their band?

on 12/15/13 10:58 am

Liked my band fine for awhile, but it wasn't at that sweet spot.  

Lost weight for awhile, but my band wasn't at that sweet spot.  

Messed endlessly with fills and even a few unfills, but my band wasn't at that sweet spot.  

Then I started choking and sliming no matter what I ate, but my band wasn't at that sweet spot.  

Finally I revised to a sleeve....finally I found a sweet spot for life....that has nothing to do with the band!

HW:  275;  CW: 155;  GW: 120-135;   Ht:  5'2"

Lap Band 8/2011

Revision to VSG 12/2013

on 12/15/13 12:08 pm

Regardless If anyone is HAPPY or not the Band is NOT a permanent WLS . Even the manufacturers are putting that on thier websites to Cover their backsides. Save yourself the $$, frustration and Repeat Surgery. FACT: Sleevers lose better when it's a virgin stomach.Sure you may be happy the first 5 years IF your lucky ( with a Band) but then what? Remove the band, hope no damage it done,pray you haven't regained or hope you lost weight  (some ppl don't) and revise.. also hope your insurance covers it ( some are going to 1 WLS per lifetime)and your Doctor believes you when your telling him your having complications. Guess you know my answer Don't both getting a band.







on 1/28/14 11:20 pm

Hey Stephanie.1...

i dont know if you have gotten your surgery or not..but if you havent..dont get the band..do the sleeve.

the band will more than likely mechanically fail. mine has slipped 3 times. i am in the process of getting approved for a revision to a sleeve.

keep us posted.


Dejah H.
on 10/9/14 2:23 am - Central, TX

I am over 6 years out with the band, and very happy with it. :)

289 / 273 / 163.4 / 164   10cc AP Standard  my band! 


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