Too skinny :(

on 3/15/14 11:50 pm

I'm sort-of new here (old member but haven't posted in a few years).  6 years ago this coming July I had my surgery.  It was originally a diet, then a lifestyle, then an obsession.  I had all but 2cc removed from the band 5 years ago but continued to lose weight.  I went from a size 20 at 276lbs to a size 4 currently at 128lbs.  I was recently diagnosed with anorexia and have food issues.  Anyone else gone to the other extreme and how have you dealt with it?  I'm on a special anorexia diet now and on the 27th having all the fill removed from the band.....not that I had restriction because I haven't in 5 years.  I have the issue of the tool for 6 months and then had an un fill due to vacation then I never got another fill.  I continued to eat like I had a full band and was quite rigid with it....too rigid.  

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