Barium swallow shows "thickening". Scar tissue?

on 5/29/14 9:25 pm

After experiencing serious restriction 3years post band surgery, even without any fill in the band, I had a barium swallow test to see what the problem was. Food frequently gets stuck for hours and I throw up several times a week. The MD saw the pill I swallowed get stuck, not because of the band itself and but because of a thickening at the band. I asked her if this was scar tissue and she said she didn't know. I have an appt with the bariatric surgeon in July. Has anyone had this problem? Any idea what the "thickening". might be?

on 6/22/14 9:54 am - Vancouver, WA

That's exactly what it is and they will tell you no that's not it, it's you. This is a super common problem with all bands and one reason they should be pulled from the market! If food is getting stuck and you are vomiting you need to get that thing out of you and the sooner the better especially where you are vomitting. Don't let them dismiss you push, push, push for for removal and revision  if that is what you want. It will not get better, only worse, been there done that!


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