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on 4/9/11 6:51 am - OR
Hi everyone. I needs some help trying to figure out good healthy things to eat. I am a very picky eater. I am not real big on vegetables and I can't handle anything spicy. I also don't like yogurt. I have tried so many different kinds and still don't like. Which is weird since I like cottage cheese, sour cream and most other dairys. So it really narrows downs what I can eat. If anyone can help me with some good recipes I would really appreciate it.

on 4/9/11 10:47 am - Marysville, WA
 Hey, Patty...

I've got lots of different types of recipes on my blog - I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING!!  I do use a lot of eggs and cottage cheese - I eat mostly vegetarian, but my husband is the carnivorous post-op!


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my recipes...(a lot of them I created for use on and now you can find them on my own blog)  :  click>>>  Eating Well...Living Thin  

on 4/10/11 3:37 pm
I have seen it on this website before, but it's a really good source of protein and oh so tasty...

2  small cans of mandarin oranges (or 1 large can)
1  small box sugar free jello orange flavored
1  8 oz container of low fat cottage cheese
1  container of fat free cool whip thawed

In a small saucepan heat the oranges to a near boil, remove from heat and add the jello..stir until completely dissolved...

In a medium sized bowl, add the cottage cheese and cool whip, afer the fruit mixture cools slightly, add it to the cottage cheese mixture and mix well.  Mixture will be very runny but will firm up and set in the fridge.  Refrigerate  for at least two hrs.   Enjoy.

I make this with several different jello/fruit combinations but this one is my absolute favorite
on 4/11/11 1:22 am - Ravenna, OH
I make this with crushed pineapple! It's really good!
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