One Cup Diet

on 1/24/13 6:26 am - Calgary, Canada
RNY on 02/26/14

I was wondering if anybody had any good recipes that you could share. I am going to be on the one cup diet before surgery and cant have the following:

No pop,

no fast food,

no caffeine,

no sugar,

no junk food,

no artificial sweeteners,

no bananas,

no cheese,

no juice

The one cup has to have protein and then veggies, I plan on making big batches of food then freezing it in one cup increments. Any help would be appreciated.

on 2/9/13 1:31 pm - Canada

Just 'google' weight loss surgery recipes and you will get a bunch of hits.  A few are,,, etc.  Enjoy; there are hundreds of sites to review!

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