Types of condiments and sauces

Brandi Girl
on 2/1/17 9:13 am
WLS on 10/18/11

What type of condiments (besides mustard) and sauces does everyone use? For burgers or for dipping sauce with dryer types of meat. I do use mustard and light Miricowhip but would like others as well. Any suggestions would be great. tia


on 2/6/17 10:54 pm
VSG on 08/29/16

I love Arizona Gunslinger Habanero Sauce. I use green enchilada sauce and fair amount. Wasabi and soy. Can you tell that I like spice? 

on 2/11/17 10:13 am
VSG on 10/13/15

Mayo & sriracha sauce can be mixed to make an interesting sauce.  Toss in some horseradish and minced garlic and it can go to many flavor levels.


Greek yogurt can be used for a great deal of things, too.


I am a lover of plain old yellow mustard as well as the various course ground mustards.


Hot sauces......I groove on those, too.   There are at least a dozen different brands in my fridge right now.  


Many new salad dressing on the market that are ultra low carbs.  Gotta watch the labels, though as they can still be very calorie dense.....but some celery dipped in them can be a tasty crunchy treat.

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on 2/15/17 9:56 am - PA
VSG on 06/17/16

I'm one who typically does need something to dip drier meats (like chicken breast) in - that little bit of moisture greatly helps!

As Dub mentioned, plain greek yogurt (i use nonfat) is a great base for a dipping sauce. You can add whatever spices/herbs/other sauces you want to it. I've added plain hot sauce at times and at times mix in a little mustard (actually that is my go to chicken salad base - greek yogurt and mustard). But my current faves are a little greek seasoning or curry powder or some Penzey's Fox Point seasoning (gives a flavor reminiscent of ranch dressing). If you've never heard of Penzeys - check them out online, lots of great quality, reasonably priced spice blends. Mixing a little pesto in with the yogurt is another good option. as you can see - I play with yogurt a lot

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H.A.L.A B.
on 2/16/17 10:43 am

Reduced sugar Ketchup...(still uses real tomatoes and splenda) -  and taste to me like the real thing. 

no sugar added mayo (hard to find)

real horseradish...


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on 4/8/17 2:20 pm
VSG on 12/02/15

Homemade mayo is super easy to make. Check it out in youtube. And you can make it with no sugar. It's super good.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 4/8/17 2:55 pm

I know. I made? it a few times. But the homemade dies not last long time and I don't eat enough. I have days I eat a lot mayo, and days I don't eat a lot of it. Then weeks I can't stand it.

Hala. RNY 5/14/2008; Happy At Goal =HAG

"I can eat or do anything I want to - as long as I am willing to deal with the consequences"

"Failure is not falling down, It is not getting up once you fell... So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again...."

Beth C.
on 2/18/17 4:26 am
VSG on 01/19/17

Ortega mild Taco sauce is my current go to.. 


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Brandi Girl
on 2/18/17 4:47 am
WLS on 10/18/11

Thanks for all the great suggestions. And keep them coming!! One problem I have is for some odd reason I am much more sensitive to "hot" "spicy" type foods now since surgery, even at time bbq sauce if it is more than a sweet type. But I like the idea's and will try them in case one or more agree with me :)

on 3/4/17 5:54 am, edited 3/3/17 10:53 pm

I have Hundreds literally . I love spoofing recipes I crave and making them fat free low sugar high veggie content . This list is what I can't live without.

From Walmart Oriental section - fat free excellent General Tso sauce and Orange Sauce . ( these are very intense I cut them way down with chicken stock and wine try to add veggies and water chestnuts for crunch )

marsala cooking wine for making homemade easy Marsala sauce

obviously you're gonna need cornstarch ( and arrowroot- turns out cornstarch is pretty high carb ) organic chicken and beef stock for almost everything

i like the envelopes of garlic herb sauce alfredo sauce four cheese sauce - make them with fat free milk sand butter buds ( freeze dried fat free butter solids ) for me a total kitchen essential.

I buy Hunts spaghetti sauces in cans when I run out of home canned - I cut the acidity with one of those powdered sauce mixes and butter buds and fat free milk " cream " . I like making homemade lasagna for instance with oven ready lasagna noodles fat free ricotta cheese ( mix with an envelope of garlic herb sauce for super great taste and butter buds for richness) fat free mozzarella and sometimes low fat chicken sausage in the red sauce . Very very high protein and super filling ( and everyone loves it)

fat free mayonnaise ( tastes exactly like the real thing ) for mixing with Indian fresh coriander sauce for dipping chicken breast and also making tuna chicken and egg salads

fat free ranch and blue cheese dressings for salads

green enchilada sauce and mole sauce ( Walmart) ( pour off the oil it's still not low fat but as an ingredient to chicken stock butter buds and red enchilada sauce makes a great Chocolaty but savory traditional Mexican sauce for chicken breast .

Lowfat peanut butter and Pb2 ( freeze dried powdered fat free peanut butter ) for making peanut sauce ( use a little General Tso's garlic fresh ginger chicken stock and cornstarch dissolved in cooking wine )

red , green and other Thai curry mixes from the Oriental store

tom ka soup base ( Thai coconut chicken soup ) I make it with fat free powdered milk and coconut extract . Tom yum ( sour paste ) ( same shelf ) you just need a tiny bit to make Thai dishes taste authentic .

Butter chicken mix fat free Indian spice envelope - Indian spice envelopes for fresh spinach stew ( palak ) and chickpea spice .

powdered seasonings - Greek seasoning steak seasoning meatball / meatloaf seasoning Hungarian Sweet Paprika . ( the chicken rub and steak rub from that brand are excellent too ) Chinese five spice powder for meat rubs and stir frys , fajita seasoning for fajitas , coconut extract for making non fattening coconut milk. Lite soy sauce for sushi mushroom soy sauce for heavier Chinese dishes.

green onion seasoning envelopes for mixing with fat free Greek yogurt or fat free sour cream for " onion dip "

i cant forget shake and bake ( I like the extra crispy ) for making homemade fat free oven fried " chicken nuggets clam strips " fried " fish .

taste really Can substitute for fat and sugar calories . Life is too short to suffer boring food!!

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