Revision from band 05/23/11

on 4/28/11 5:59 am - OH
Well I met with my surgeon today to discuss revision from band to sleeve and she advised me against it. She said she thought I would do better with the RNY. I was surprised! But I know she knows her business! And she does VSG, but she said with my co-morbidities and history that RNY was the way to go. She also said that for lapband revisions, she was starting to do them as a 2-step procedure because of so much damage from the band, that the stomach has to heal before they can go in and revise to VSG.  *She did say she would do VSG if I were deadset on it, but that it would not be her first choice for me and I trust her and her expertise is far greater than mine in this area.* So RNY it is!
Well, I have sure prayed enough for a "sign" to help me with this decision! I even had a list of VSG questions written out for the doc and she walked in shaking her head and said, "RNY is the way you need to go my dear"!! Guess I got my "sign"! LOL! Surgery is scheduled for 05-23-11! Excited and nervous!
on 4/28/11 8:00 am - Vancouver, WA
Congrats hope all goes well! Anything has to be better than these blasted bands!
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on 4/28/11 8:42 am - Houston, TX
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Hope the RNY surgery works well for you. I just had a discussion with my surgeon and he stated that he thinks the sleeve will work for me. So as I was leaving his office today, his staff was starting the process for me to have a sleeve revision.
I do not have any co-mobilities anymore. My lapband seemed to have taken care of most of the issues I have had BUT my esophagus is NOT happy. Again, I do wish you the best on your RNY journey. I was considering the RNY myself. I guess it is all trial and error. I will just be glad to get the rest of my weight off.

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on 4/28/11 9:25 am
 Congrats, I just revised from the band to the VSG on Monday.  I can tell you that right after the surgery I felt relief in having the band out.  The band was a nightmare for me in the final half year.

I can't comment on the RNY other than it wasn't an option for me because of other health reasons.  If I was going with something with malabsorption I would have gone with a D/S probably, but I only had the options for a restrictive process.  So VSG it is. 
on 4/29/11 5:15 am - WA
good luck, my revision is may 3 can't wait. I am sooooo sick of the band
on 4/29/11 5:19 am - WA
can anyone tell me if a Roux-en-y is the same as a proximal bypass
Holly O.
on 4/30/11 12:03 am - FL
Hi!!  My surgeon said the same thing.......but after the tests come back y surgeon said very lttle scar damage so he will do the RNY and the removal of the band at the same time!!  I too am listning to my surgeon...........they have your history, etc.  Sure wish I would of known all of that  4 1/2 yrs.ago when I had the band put in.  This surgeon at the seminarexplained the band, the sleeve, theRNY.  The least restrictive to the most restrictive.

So I am just waiting for my surgery date!!!  I don't know about you but I can't wait to get that band out of me!!  Hang in there!!!
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on 5/4/11 2:57 am
Congratulations! ! Looks like we will be surgery sisters, as that is the day they are removing my band and doing my RNY!

I am so excited to get this crazy thing out! I had my band in November of 2006, and it has given me nothing but trouble ever since! 

I debated the sleeve for quite some time, but, at last decided on the gastric bypass! Interestingly enough, my husband is planning a revision from lap band to  sleeve, sometime in June. He is equally as excited as I am!  

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