on 5/17/11 2:54 am - Beaver Bank, Canada
I just had my revision 5 days ago on May 12th from the old Vertical Banded Gastroplasty in 1991 to the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I had a fistula (hole where staples let go from pouch to old stomach) which just happened back in Dec. 2010.  I decided to go with the revision to the sleeve even though I had the option to do RNY, but I felt I didn't need the malabsorbtion just restriction along with being "fixed" again. 

I was so happy to wake up from surgery to find it was converted sucessfully.  I had read for days on end and searched every corner of the globe for info of this type of revision and realized it's not the most common for VBG revision.  But I took the chance and going with what my surgeon said, if all was well inside after removal of my old band, he would be able to make the sleeve down the same side where the pouch & band used to be.  

I feel great, mind you some discomfort due to the open surgery (he wouldn't do laproscopic as he was prepared for complications with revisions --my liver was attached to my stomach from scar adhesions, but was taken care of and the gastrectomy dealt with the rest of the old stomach).  So other than soreness, I have already lost 6 lbs post-op!!!!  Keep in mind I am a low weight from my old surgery, so I was 208 the other day, and now down to 202.  I expect my "honeymoon" will be slower 2nd time around but I am excited to see I still will be able to lose more weight and get back to my already accomplished goal.  (I had lost 90lbs in 5mths from VBG the first time and stayed in Maintainance Goal for over 13 yrs--even after having 2 children.  It was only when I started to have problems with my VBG band and staples that I began to regain my old weight. 

So.......If any of you old timers that had VBG are wondering if it's possible to convert to the Sleeve, I am here to say YES!!!!  If you still only need the restricition but don't want the horrible effects of the bands, this is the route to go.  Of course the other procedures with malabsorbtion are too possible, this was the best choice for me to get back on track!!!!! 

Everything feels sooooo much better already and I'm only 5 days post-op.  No more vomiting, or food stuck, just simple small meals will finally become my norm. 


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on 5/17/11 3:01 am - NY
Congratulations, I am glad all went well with your surgery.  Get well and plenty of rest.

on 5/24/11 9:27 am - WA

Congratulations!!! The VBG is a nasty surgery for sure! I had mine in 2006, lost weight great, but I had food getting stuck multiple times per day, it was a frustrating 3 years!!! I got pregnant in 2007, gave birth in 2008 and re-gained most of my lost weight!!! I still had the stuck issue though, so I had all of the complications and none of the benefits!!!


So I just wanted to say that not only can the VBG be converted to the sleeve, it can be successfully converted to the full DS as well!!!!! It is wonderful that we have much better options for revisions these days!!! Had I known then what I know now, I would have never had the VBG in the first place!!


I bet you are so much happier with not having food get “STUCK"!!! Congratulations and I am so glad your revision was successful!!!!! 


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on 2/26/18 1:05 pm

How are you doing now? I had a VBG in 2002. Having problems with weight gain, ulsers and pain in the area of my band so I just started investigating revision.

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