Surgery on Monday and questioning the surgery. *cross post*

on 5/20/11 1:31 pm - OH
Ugh! I am revising from band to RNY, (at the advice of my surgeon). My initial feeling was VSG. But my surgeon thinks I will have better success with RNY and mentioned something about it being "reversible" and not a "permanent" removal of the stomach. But I read sooo many posts on here about the whole "malabsorption" issues some have. And that scares the poop outta me! I am pretty young at 39, and really heatlhy and considered a "light weight" at 250 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches tall with a BMI of 41. I am also ADDICTED to sugar and sweets and probably could live on cake and ice cream for the rest of my life!! I thinks that is also another reason my surgeon suggested RNY. She does perform both surgeries tho! Only she said she has been doing band to VSG in a two-part surgery with taking out the band and then later, after stomach healing, going back in to do VSG. I'm just sooo confused and worried I will be the ONE to have crazy complications with RNY. Just how rare are "major" complications with RNY? Or significant malabsorption issues? I see so many "bariatric vits and iron", are'nt these enough? UGH! I am soo confused! I need some help!
Advice anyone?  Maybe this is just normal surgery jitters, but seriously... I am freaking out! What should I do?!?
need some reassurance!
Band to DS
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Unfortunately, I had to delete this post due to privacy concerns.

Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

on 5/20/11 2:05 pm - OH
Leap of Faith is Right!! Maybe that is what I am fearing! And I have researched a "crap ton"! I am such a type A personality! And I researched a whole 2 yrs before having lapband and thought I'd do great! I was so confident! Now, I'm just scarred! Scarred, I won't have the results, that I will only have the complications, like with my band! And I have been reading a ton of complication stories tonight.... that does'nt help! But I want to be informed on everything. The GOOD and the BAD! I just don't want to fail again! *sigh.....
on 5/22/11 1:29 am
I certainly feel where you are coming from. Had the band for 2 years. it worked wonderfully for the 1st year however, I never found my sweet spot. When the band was removed, of course I had scar tissue everywhere and a hiatal hernia with terrible back pain and that stuck feeling in my esophagus after swallowing a calcium pill. I've waited almost 2 years to try to loose weight on my own and trying different programs. I even spent money on the ROCO lab product to prevent myself from going into debt again. I am self pay. Finally decided to dip into my 401K and suffer the consequences of paying taxes rather than taking out a loan and paying the interest over several years.

I've finally settled fro the VSG in August and am having those feelings of failure & anxiety. To boot, I am not even able to tell my husband because of the problems I had with the lap band. So, I am basically not telling anyone and praying for the best so, when I do reach my goal, I can blurt out the news. So many conflicting emotions but, reading the posts on this site are  helping while I count down to my sceduled August surgery date. Hang in there, this  too shall pass

Band to DS
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Unfortunately, I had to delete this post due to privacy concerns.

Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

on 5/22/11 8:27 am
Like everyone has already said, this must be your decision after considering all the research you have done. 

I am in the process of having a revision from the VBG to the Sleeve.  My surgeon does the band, RNY, VSG and DS.  He says each procedure should be done according to the unique situation of the patient, but for people with a huge sweet tooth he recommends the DS.  I do have a sweet tooth, but I am not in favor of the DS because it is too invasive of a surgery for me and the long term effects it would mean for me.  So, I am going with the Sleeve, as i was successful for 9 or 10 years with the VBG.  I have only realized in the last several months why I have had trouble maintaining the last 3 years.  I was having trouble with the "good" foods from getting stuck causing me to start eating the slider foods.  It was all such a slow oncoming situation that I wasn't realizing what happened until I started researching this and that I had developed what is called the "soft food syndrome" but it was because I had Esophogitus, Grade C.  My esophogus was so inflamed that I couldn't typically eat anything but the "soft/ slider" foods, which are typically higher in carbs, and sugars.  Now that my Esophogitus has been addressed and healed, I no longer have problems with food getting stuck, but now I no longer have the restriction I once had. 

As with most people who had WLS 10 plus years ago, there weren't support groups, much less the plethra of information there is today about these things.  I'm a little older now (39) and much more aware of what is happening to my body.  I know I will be successful with the VSG.  I do not want the life long dependency on supplements because of what my body can't absorb naturally or the issues with the malabsorption that usually happen about 12 to 24 months post-op.  My surgeon said that 25 to 30% of the people who have the RNY fail and often regain their weight and sometimes more because of it.  Plus, when I get older and can't take NSAID's, what would I do then?  It wasn't for me.
on 5/20/11 10:22 pm

I so can relate to what you are saying.  I revised from lap band to RNY in October after having the band for a year and 10 months.

My suggestion is to go somewhere quiet and think about this.  You have done the research, you have faith in your doctor.  Now you have to have faith in yourself that you can make the right choices and you can loose this weight.

I revised weighing 218 which is really a lightweight.  You should lose fine.  Follow the dietary guidelines  and don't question or push the food guidelines.  You are not going to feel any different with the mal absorption of calories.  You are going to have to be committed to taking vitamins the rest of your life.  IF you can't do that then don't do the surgery.  I am 7 months out and can tell you that sometimes I get sick on sweets, sometimes I don't.  THe first 4 months I dumped really bad on sweets and high fat.  Then suddenly it became better.  Now don't get me wrong I don't eat sweets daily.  I like fruits and that is mainly what I eat, occasionally I will eat something sweet but it is very small amount.

ONly 30% of people dump.

Are you ready for the commitment that the bypass takes.   I can tell you that this is a choice that only you can make.  With the sleeve you can keep your intestines but they cut off part of your stomach.  There is no long term results on how patients do long term like 20-30 years because it is a relatively new procedure.  With the sleeve you can eat anything but that may not be a good thing if you are a big sweet eater.  You also dont have to worry about the vitamin malabsorption.

its also normal to worry that your going to have problems with another surgery after having the lap band and having issues.  I am 7 months out and still worry that I am not going to lose all of my weight and that I won't be able to keep it off.



Holly O.
on 5/21/11 4:35 am - FL
I think being nervous is normal......especially for those of us that were not successful with the lapband!! I am 5 yearsout and finally on Monday I will be talking to my new surgeon that does a lot of different procedures.  I went twice to his seminars to ask questions and really listen.  At least he isn't a surgeon that onlydoes lapband, his seminar was so informative..............he talked about the band, the sleeve and the RNY.  He said one thing doesn't fit all.  Trust yourself and do what feels right for you.  He sure cleared up a lot of false myths about the RNY........I also have been attending his support groups.  Talking with newbies and revision patients have put my mind at peace as I go forward with my revision.  Take care and relax.
on 5/22/11 8:48 am
You will do wonderful! Nervous is normal! As for junk food that is my addiction as well. I want a bag of munchos so bad. But I am CHOOSING not to have them......I know they are bad for me so I am not going to have them. Certain foods are trigger foods. I am going to be stronger this time around. I always say you dont have a lobotomy with this surgery....just a pouch reduction....How brains are still the same. We have to reteach them......and learn to choose better foods. As I learned the first time this is only a tool...It is all about choices after surgery.

As for complications it is possible. However,quite unlikely! So keep positive. Do you best to take your vitamins, eat well, stay positive and you willdo great. Follow doctors orders and if you are not sure of something ask us on here or your nutritionist or surgeon.

You will do great, it is indeed a lifestyle change...but one for the better. You will feel great eat w/o guilt because you will make smart choices and lose weight! Its a win win....

Thinking of you.....prayers being said!

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