Pre-op on Monday and surgery July 6th!

on 6/17/11 11:57 am
This band is coming out! so excited

The horrible left arm pain I've had all day will be nothing but memories! (hopefully)
on 6/17/11 9:13 pm
congrats to you, it is just around the corner...
Holly O.
on 6/18/11 12:15 am - FL
Hang tight the time will be here before yu know it!  I had my band taken out on Wednesday and then converted to the RNY.  I feel great..........this surgery was easier than the lapband 5years ago!!  I am so sorry to hear you have had o deal with that left arm will not miss the band!!  I sure don't and I am so happy it is behind me now!!!  Back to my sipping and walking!!  -Holly
on 6/18/11 3:37 am - Adrian, MN
Congrats to you! I can't wait to be in the same boat! We had our lap-bands in almost the same time. Mine was 7-2-07. Good Luck with everything !
Lap band 4 years ago. Revised to DS 8-2-11
Band to DS
on 6/18/11 6:34 am, edited 2/4/12 3:47 am
Unfortunately, I had to delete this post due to privacy concerns.

Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

on 6/19/11 2:44 pm
No Shelli, i won't be revising to anything else. My issues with the esophagus have to be fixed first.
on 6/18/11 8:51 am - Vancouver, WA
Hooray for you, you're gonna feel so much better with it out!
on 6/18/11 9:45 am - bronx, NY
i get left arm pain and chest discomfort also is that due to the band?
on 6/19/11 2:45 pm
Well, I hate to tell you something that is not true. But in my case the left arm and shoulder pain is due to the band and it is  very crippling at times.
on 6/19/11 5:25 am - OH
had my band out on the 23rd of May and revised to RNY and I feel GREAT!! 3 yrs of misery with the band was enough for me!!
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