on 6/22/11 1:56 pm
Revision on 07/11/11 with
 I have SO been looking forward to finally being able to say that!!

I had my RNY back in 2000 and have been trying to get approval for revision since last September.  I originally wanted to do it with Dr. Rabkin in CA, but after exhausting all appeals including having Walter Lindstrom take on my case and take it to external review, I was still denied.  I have no out-of-network benefits for bariatric surgery and there are very few surgeons who are in-network for a revision.  I was crushed.  

After poring through countless posts, I found out that Dr. Roslin in NYC does RNY to DS revisions, and after some research and with talking to his office, I found that he is in-network for Aetna!  I flew to NYC from Cleveland for the consult, psych and nutrition evaluations.  I got a call today from their office letting me know that I was approved!!!  My surgery date is July 11, and I still haven't fully absorbed it.  

From the short amount of time that I spent with Dr. Roslin, I can tell he is a very confident surgeon.  He tries to do lap on everyone he can.  I had my RNY open, and he said he still plans on doing it lap, but if he sees there is too much scar tissue then he will have to open me up.  He doesn't like to keep anyone under too long.  I believe he said I'd be done in 2.5-3 hours.  

By the way, when I had my consult, I weighed 305, BMI 51.  I had gained almost all of my weight lost from my RNY in 2000 (dilated stoma, etc).  Dr. Roslin told me I needed to lose 20 pounds before the surgery to reduce the size of my liver (I think that's a standard request from him).  I'm down about 14 or 15 lbs, so I'll have no problem making it.  

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for sharing all of their experiences and for all the people on here who take the time to reply to posts.  Your insight and experiences mean so much, especially for those of us who have been lurking and feel we don't have anything to contribute--YET.  My time to pay it forward is coming soon.  Love you guys!!!

on 6/23/11 12:05 am
Revision on 09/19/11 with
Congrats.  Gina from Dr Roslin office just sent my paper work in yesterday and now im waiting to see if my insurance will approve me for my revision from Lapband to DS.  I hope to have some good new just like you in a few days. 

on 6/23/11 12:08 am
Revision on 07/11/11 with
 I worked with Gina as well.  I really like her!  She called yesterday to tell me and she made sure not to show any emotion in her voice at all.  When she said, "'re approved," I had to repeat it back to her to make sure that's what she said, and then she started laughing.  Giving people good news like that has the be the highlight of her job!  

Looking forward to hearing about your approval as well!  Good luck!  My decision took 9 calendar days with Aetna...not bad, but it seemed like forever!
on 6/23/11 1:02 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
Congratulations! I am seeking a revision as well from RNY to DS with Dr. Roslin.  I have gained at total of 80lbs of my 122lbs lost.  I have a 2nd consult with Dr. Roslin to discuss the results of my CT scan.  I know that this is a tricky surgery and I want the best surgeon possible and he is the best.

Good luck to you and  keep us posted on your outcome of the surgery.

Zee Starrlite
on 6/23/11 1:53 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Congratulations on your approval Sandy!  You've got the best to work on you!


3/30/2005 Lap Band installed  12/20/2010  Lap Band REMOVED  
6/6/2011 Vertical SLEEVE Gastrectomy

on 6/23/11 7:52 pm
congrats on your approval from rny to ds.  sounds like you will have no problem losing the pre op weight,  don't worry about gaining your weight back from rny if you go to the ds forum there are many many rny to ds revisions, if you have not gone on there suggest posting there.  I am excited that you could get your rnyto ds revision by an in network dr, he is an excellent surgeon, wishing you a great surgery, 7/11 is right around the corner.....
on 6/23/11 11:46 pm - Shore Area, NJ
I have an appointment with Dr Roslin next week, I hope I get good news like you!!
What testing did you have to have done to see if you were a canadate for the revision?
What paperwork did you need to summit?
Thank you
on 6/24/11 12:23 am - Toms River, NJ
Revision on 08/15/11 with
what day next week?  I'm there Thursday.....

Lap RNY 6/16/03
Revise to DS 8/15/11

on 6/24/11 12:24 am - Shore Area, NJ
I have a 12:30 appointment on Wednesday :)
on 6/24/11 11:01 am
Revision on 09/27/11 with
I have my appt thurs also @245
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