Lap-Band to Gastic Sleeve -BCBS of TX

on 6/22/11 3:51 pm - baytown, TX
I hate waiting and submitting this paperwork. I have been in band hell for about 2years, and connot get it removed and revised as of today because of paperwork.  I am so ready for a change, and to get past this"treatment failure" according to my past doctor.  If I had know today what I shouldh ave know last year, I would have not gotten the band.  The journey was helpful, fut ended with complications.  Now waiting for approval... while struggling to swallow .....
on 6/23/11 12:01 am
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I am in the same boat.  My paper work was just sent in last night and now I am waiting on if my insurance will approve my revision and get this crapband out. 

on 6/23/11 12:58 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
Good luck to you both, I hope you hear something soon.

on 6/23/11 2:57 am
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Hey Fankie

How are you doing?  Where are you in your process right now? 

on 6/26/11 11:48 pm - NY
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I have an appointment with Dr. Roslin on Wednesday to discuss results of my CT Scan and we will take it from there. 

on 6/27/11 1:46 am
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Keep me posted and what the outcome is.  Hope everything works out.  I will keep you in my prayer

on 6/27/11 2:05 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with

Thanks, I am hoping too!

Holly O.
on 6/23/11 5:04 am - FL
So sorry your having trouble with your paperwork and your band.  I had 4 1/2 yrs. of band hell and it was gladly removed 8 days ago...........and let me tell you how my life is now after the performed th RNY............fabulous!!  Hang in there............most of us have been there!!  -Holly
on 6/23/11 9:26 am - Vancouver, WA
Best wishes to you! I have to wonder how much investigation actually went into the band since it has such a high failure rate! I feel like we are the guinia pigs when this should have all been tested before FDA approval.
on 6/23/11 2:13 pm - Evadale, TX
I'm in the same boat with you.... I'm waiting for more paperwork to be submitted.    Do you still have fluid in  your band?   My first visit with Dr Scarborough in Houston  he removed all of the fluid from mine... I had way more in it than was reported by the quack who did my original surgery.  I felt wonderful for about 2 weeks but I am back to feeling like I am stuck all the time.
I had all the fluid removed almost 6 months ago.

Revision from Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve.  August 16, 2011

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