Questions about revision from RNY to DS?

on 6/28/11 12:20 am - Shore Area, NJ
Hi Everyone,
I have an appointment to meet with Dr Roslin in NY tomorrow. I know he will be able to answer most of my questions i have, however, from reading this board as well as the DS board...I would really like to hear from all of you.

With the RNY I lost 170lbs, I never did reach my personal goal - I still needed to lose another 50 lbs!! however now my 4th year - I've regained almost 70lbs of what I've lost...ugh, plus the 50 that I still needed to lose- for a total of 120 to loose... I'm assuming it is because my body has adjusted and I no longer have any malabsorption, Does this also occur in the DS?

I know I would not loose as fast as someone that had the DS originally- however I would really like to loose the 120lbs, is that possible...probable??

I really have no idea how much of my intestine was bypassed with my RNY, how much is common with the DS?

I have seen many of you talk about your vitamin regimen post DS, i know that with my RNY I also had to take vitamins and do not see where I would have any issues taking the vitamins that are needed for my body...that being said, I am VERY anemic, I get iron infusions about 3-4 times a year, and get B12 shots every other week. I have been on high doses of iron and prescription iron without it helping at all, will this create more of a problem with the DS?

Any other questions, I should be asking tomorrow?

Any and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
on 6/28/11 1:46 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
I wanted to say hello, I am meeting with Dr. Roslin tomorrow as well.  I am seeking a revision from RNY to DS,  I had RNY in 2004 lost 122lbs and gained back almost 80 of those pounds. 

This group is really great and they should answer any questions you should have.  Also Shavonne P had surgery with Dr. Roslin on June 7th and she was a RNY to DS conversion so I would reach out to her too.

Good luck with your Journey and I hope to run into you tomorrow.

on 6/28/11 2:21 am - Shore Area, NJ
Hi Frankie,

Thank you for the warm welcome :) I hope to see you tomorrow as well, my appointment is at 12:30...

I will reach out to Shavonne P, thanks for the advice.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time...although I know I have a ways to go, as I have just started the process...I am hoping it goes quickly

It sucks so bad to have gained alot of the weight back that I lost, I know you understand, I was soooooooo sure that those lbs. were gone forever...ugh

on 6/28/11 2:54 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
I kept the weight off until I got pregnant in 2008, had my daughter 6/28/2009 and initially lost some baby weight but the rest didn't come off.  I don't stay full and ugh!!! its frustrating.  My appointment is at 11:45 so I will look out for you tomorrow.

He is a great surgeon, just have questions ready.  He gives it to you straight with no chaser, LOL.

on 6/28/11 4:40 am - Glen Daniel, WV
I recently made me an appointment to discuss my options as well.  I was curious... have either of you contacted your insurance to see if they pay any on revision surgery?
on 6/28/11 5:11 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
I have Oxford and I my policy does pay for revision surgery.
on 6/28/11 6:52 am - Shore Area, NJ
I have Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and they do cover WLS, so I don't see having any issues, but will keep everyone updated
on 7/5/11 6:57 am
Good Luck to both of you ladies:) I also have been doing some research looking into the probability to get revision to DS fronm RNY done in 2005. As both of you I have regaines weight, unfortunatley for me I do not have regualr insurance I have Medicaid and there arent any revision surgeons that accept this sooooooooooooo I will cross my fingers and hope to be getting a revision soon and good luck again to both of you ladies, cant wait to hear ome post op comments

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