2nd attempt at band removal on August 1st

on 7/29/11 10:25 am
I was scheduled for band removal on July 6th, but I junjured my back after falling down subway steps. My surgery had to be re-scheduled because I had to take NSAIDS to help with the swelling and inflamation.

But I am all better and ready for the band to come out!!
on 7/29/11 12:54 pm
My band is coming out in August 1st (I've had many complication and gained back all weight loss plus 20 pounds).  I'm revising to RNY at the same time.  I'm glad to hear you are doing better...good luck with your surgery.
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Band to DS
on 8/1/11 10:06 am, edited 2/3/12 10:21 pm
Unfortunately, I had to delete this post due to privacy concerns.

Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

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