10 days out no weight loss...WTF!!

on 5/26/12 2:17 am
Lap band to RNY revision on 5/15 and only down 2 pounds....please help!!
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on 5/26/12 2:42 am - WA
They say Revison Weight loss is slower and the amount is less. that being said, You have gone to a malabsorbtion surgery so WTH, I don't know why you are not losing after 11 days. If u are not absobing your calaries you should lose wieght don't you think? I will be interested to hear the responses.
on 5/26/12 11:01 am
I read that u had a lap-band first then had a revision gastric bypass surgery...what did u have to do or sayto the doctor to get this approve..i had my lapband done in 09 lost 64lbs then this past year every timei had my band filled itmade me sick..i have gain 40 lbs back..i need help!!
can u tell me what to say to the doctor... thanks sheryl

on 5/26/12 12:41 pm - Vancouver, WA
Patience! You are barely out of surgery and probably not even on a regular diet yet. They pump you full of air in surgery and the anesthesia and trauma to your body can cause weight gain immediately post op. Give yourself time I promise it won't be a bust like the band was unless you don't follow your surgeon's diet plans. Revisions do tend to lose a little slower but they can get there, just hang in there and take it slow and steady. You'll still hit plateaus but these too will pass, you can do it just don't panic so early out.
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